I need help guys whats everyone using for marketing

marketing help?? im making door hangers for houses and for commercial i needhelp getting clientele

Make sure you do the simple things first,

facebook page, list before and after pics and boost them in your target area’s
Instagram page, list before and after pics,
Make sure your truck is sign written
Join a business networking group
Most important have a decent website, and spend some time learning and doing basic seo
I would write a blog which links back to your website.

There are many many ore but there just some of the basics


I find that business card magnets are almost my best return as far as passing stuff out goes. I stick them ON mailbox doors when i feel like walking or have extra time (never put them inside a mailbox)

People put them on there fridge to hold up pictures ect… door hangers seem to get tossed to the side and forgotten about. Plus is saves a lot of time rather then walking all the way from the street to there door.