I need help/advices

Hello, so I got a friend to lend me his 4gpm Honda 3000psi to clean up my mom’s driveway, sidewalk, windows, pavement, and brick walls. I’m fairly new to all this and would greatly appreciate everyone’s help and advices. To me it seems like I’m going to have a hard time taking out the rusts, stains, and gunk. What do you guys recommend me using to clean up the mess? Thanks!

By fay the easiest solution is to call a washing contractor in your area. watch him if you want a free lesson. Win win for all.


That is a very broad, vague question. Start searching for concrete cleaning, Paver cleaning, driveway stains etc

Yikes, don’t try that yourself. That’s next level stuff going on.

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Thanks yall, I was thinking that this was a lot of work and too much going on for someone that’s inexperience like me.