I must Admit I Look Pretty Awesome in These


One day when I was 10, I decided to start smoking by 12 I was smoking pretty heavy by the time I was in the service at 17, I was up to 2-3 packs a day.
Then 1 day when I was 54 i decided I didn’t want to smoke any more so that was the end of that. I tried snuff once, dip once and chewing tobacco once. Didn’t like any of them, they made the beer and whiskey taste terrible.


9 or 10 weeks without smoking now. It’s the longest I’ve gone without smoking in a long time. I need ideas for a 6 month reward!




Never fear. It’s a bittersweet day, but today the guard changes…


Did Sparkle send you that, or did he encourage you to buy another?


I sucked it up and bought it finally. I figure $40 for another 7 years out of a watch I should stop dragging my feet.


…and I was ready to buy him the mac daddy. If I can find his address somewhere, I might just anyway

I just noticed it went up $7 since I initiated this offer, so SOMEBODY send me @squidskc 's address while I can still afford this stinkin’watch.:grin:


Hey @NewGuy89 Doug, you can’t be newguy much longer. I vote for aquaman89. We need a superhero around here. @Innocentbystander our resident off-duty fireman’s hose is tarnished (or so I’m told):rofl:


I have had the worst time with watches in the last year seems I have gone through 3 and now this one I’m wearing is wrapping out… Prior to that I had one regular watch and 1 dress watch for many years…Any ways is it just me or do all the watch makers seem to out really SMALL bands on them now. And when the neck did Timex become the expensive watch at the department store?