I must Admit I Look Pretty Awesome in These


If you don’t pick one out, we’ll let the forum pick one out for you. How about it guys? Any suggestrions on Rowdy’s new watch?


Although I like the simplicity of this Timex:

I like the analog face of the featured G-Shocks.

But this ain’t my choice. Help me out here guys.


@squidskc, I think I like this one. NOW, I’ve just scoured your Facebook (nice, gotta get me one of those!) page AND website, with no address listed. Don’t make me resort to further action for an address.:smiley:


Think hes a pink guy.


Lot of guys that were in the Navy like the Submariner… :money_mouth_face:


I vote for the orange 1! That way he can ALWAYS find it!
If you get hime the camo 1 it’ll just disappear on his arm & he’ll never see it…


Lol. You guys are nuts. @MrSparkleVA I already bought it. Like I said above I get 7 years out of these watched and at $7/year I needed to get out of my own way and buy the watch already. Good news is the same model I’ve always bought was $50 and now it’s $40.

At $5.70 a year I was just being a dummy by not buying it.

I’m proud of you for knocking $2k/week outta the park. When you get to $3k/week, send me can of Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen. It’s my preferred payment.

@AquaTeamPowerWash I’d regift that to my niece. She’d be over the moon.

@Steve, I was primarily shore based. The ship weirdos freaked me out enough, but submariners… that’s a whole different crew. Maniacs. That’s a really nice watch though. Too fancy for this guy. I buy the same Merrell Moab Ventilators, tan like a boring house color, anytime I need new shoes and recently upgraded to a pair of Keens also in tan. I like my watches, sunglasses, and coffee black on black.


Man… I’m boring. I’m about to buy my 3rd pair of these in a row. Change is weird.


I just threw up in my mouth a little.


I don’t really like it either, but it’s the one I dislike the least. I’ll quit someyear.


Im not judging… i depend on smokeless tobacco to get through the day… cant do the flavors.

My assistant coach favors skoal apple or citrus flavor whatever it is…makes me Gag every time I catch a whiff of it.

I do agree, it would probably be better for me too if I quit. Much easier said than done though


I don’t even like fruity desserts much less fruit in my chew… reading that sentence made me gag.


I’ve heard swedish snus discussed recently as a better alternative to dip. Apparently it’s less harmful, and you dont have to spit. Little packets that you hold in your upper lip.

Best is none, of course.

I smoked primarily socially for years, but i got lucky and never got addicted. Stopped altogether, about 10 years ago.

Never really got into the dip/chew much. I tried it a couple times and didnt like it.


Hey I was on several ships… Carefull don’t make me come out there… @ Steve None of my Navy friends could afford a rolex…


I really don’t even like it…


Apparently I couldn’t either. I sold mine in 1990 to pay for my wedding and haven’t ever had the money to replace it. :expressionless: I still have the wife though…


You’re a lucky man, then.

So, they took tobacco out of the BOP in 2006, and in anticipation switched from cigs to Timberwolf. Thought it would be easier to kick. Took me 18 months to stop dreaming about dip. Still remember the one about a giant can of peach Skoal, and that was ten years ago. SO, good luck breaking THAT habit.


Timberwolf and peach Skoal unquestionably qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment…


Lol… id rather dip rabit droppings than timberwolf.


It was all I could get short of Copenhagen, and I am thankfully free of THAT addiction. NO more tobacco for me. OH, never tried peach skoal, just dreamed about it. I guess that seemed pretty good as I was sleeping on a 2" foam mattress and a steel bunk.

WHEW, the good ol’ days! :sweat_smile: