I must Admit I Look Pretty Awesome in These


I have been wearing the Oakley “Two Face” sunglasses for about three years but I just recently replaced the lenses with some new Ikon polarized “impact blue” ones and the difference is phenomenal.

If you’re not wearing polarized lenses, you need to check it out. You know how we are always looking skyward and the water mist is producing so much glare you can’t even see where you are rinsing? Not anymore. Or how you’re washing a white vinyl house all day and you practically can’t see afterward because of snow blindness? Get polarized. Not kidding I wish I had done this three years ago.

Plus I look super movie star cool in them. :sunglasses:


Pimpin since been limping since been pimpin!


The only downside of polarized lenses is that some times graphics/screens from electronics disappear in pkaces


That’s true my phone looks super weird and I’m told by a pilot friend that they are banned from the cockpit because they make instruments hard to read and the glare off another plane actually helps them spot it in mid air.


All i know is I can see 5-10 foot down in merky water while fishing now!!!


Yep I was flying the gocart and could not see my flight instrument when I landed a friend told me I was about a half mile out of our airspace… Luckly the FAA was not around…


I wonder if that’s why Maverick and Goose crashed that F-15 in Top Gun? Mav was wearing the Ray Bans… put em in a spin…


I have 4 pair of Oakleys… cant beat them for the baseball field due to the frame shape and crispness of lense… but ill take my Costas everyday over them.

Im a Sunglass whore, but coastas are lifetime warranty and cant be beat for quality and clarity… i have a pair of Under armour glasses i have used for past 3 years when doing work… i have a big nose, full coverage, cant be beat.


Old faithful, i put these puppies through a lot, they’re meant to be my driving sunglasses tho, heh


I’ve got a pair of raybans from 1988 that have had numerous lenses as my prescription has changed over the the last 30 years. I had to super glue the frames last year and now they can’t put new lenses in them. I loved those glasses.


Had a pair of $200 oakleys for 4ish years until a big ol dog found them. Now I just buy the $20 polarized champion sunglasses from Target. Can’t really tell a difference. I’m on my 7th year with a g-shock watch, but none of the buttons work anymore so the time is an hour off due to daylight savings. I hope a dog gets it, but it never comes off. Ever. And it still works enough. Lol


I ordered some of those Shady Rays polarized glasses… they are really good quality, and have great reviews, and their thing is that they will replace lost or damaged shades free for life ($9 S/H, so not really free, but still a GREAT pair of shades for $9). I paid $45 for two pair. I dont really like the way they fit, and i waited too long to return so now im stuck with them. Other than that, it’s a pretty good deal if you are into decent shades.

Shortly after this i discovered that you can get polarized shades in the fishing department of walmart for $3.50, and they look pretty darn good. I A/B’d them next to the shady rays, and yeah there is a difference… not a huge difference, but a noticeable difference.


I have to get raybans or something similar to hold prescription lenses. I get my regular gases from zenni.com for about 20 bucks a pair but their sunglasses suck


All you guys are hi rollers. I go to walmart every 6 months and buy five pair for less than $50 of different styles and then leave everywhere so I’ve always got a pair somewhere. That way, when I lose them, step on them, lay them down somewhere or whatever, I don’t sweat it. When I use to buy the good ones, keeping up with them was worse than keeping up with a kid.


My mom is always sending my dad a dozen pairs of reading glasses because he leaves them everywhere. On a side note. Don’t send your dad a ziplock bag of grits if he is working in Sierra Leone. Customs go crazy and will keep the box of salted mullets also.


The problem with the cheap sunglasses is that they usually don’t offer good UVA or UVB protection for the eyes. When you put on sunglasses the dark lenses cause the pupils to dialiate which will let in even more damaging UV rays if the lenses don’t have the UV protection. Polarization is good, UV protection is essential in my opinion. Also inferior lenses will cause distortion which the eye will strain continuously to correct, resulting in possible long term vision impairment.



PM me your info. You’ve got a watch in your future, my friend. Tell you what, find what you want on Amazon for less than $100, and PM me with the link. Merry Freakin’ Christmas @squidskc .


You don’t have to do that dude. The pressure hose didn’t have strings attached. I really appreciate it, but the g shock I bought 7 years ago and the only before that in 2003 (before I left for the navy) were like $50. I need to stop being such a cheapskate. Lol


I just realized that’s $7 a year and bought it. Sometimes I just like being frugal until its beyond pragmatic…


Pick your color scheme and get me the link, darn it. NO strings, and no reciprocation. Just the opportunity to do something nice for somebody who’s been instrumental in my success. Fair enough, right?