I might be done


Again, I want to thank everyone for being so supportive. I spoke to the lawyer today. I’m allowed to leave CA, but I’ll probably have to return in a few months for the final court hearing, but they’ll take care of all the hearings up until then. They want $6,000. I think it’s one of the more expensive law firms in LA, but I hear you get what you pay for, and I don’t think right now is a time to skimp out. They should be able to get the charges down from domestic violence to battery or disturbing the peace. Either of those much better and can be expunged in the future once the case is closed. If they get the charges down, I’ll get my gun rights back and my guns, and I won’t have a record for the rest of my life.

I think my dad is going to help me out by flying out Thursday and helping me load up some of my things and drive back to Nashville so I can be with my family and have some support financially and emotionally while all this is going on.


I have nothing to add that hasn’t been said on the technical side of what to do. Just know that we are pulling for you and hope you have the best possible outcome in the long run.


I’m not sure if it’s been said but thanks for reaching out. Sometimes it’s hard for people to be vulnerable in a similar state emotionally and it gets the best of them. I’ve never been through what you’re going through but if you ever need to talk and get it out feel free to PM me.


I hired the lawyer. I paid the $3,000 deposit, and I’m going to get my PW trailer in an hour, as well as as many more of my personal belongings as I’m allowed to take. My dad is flying out tomorrow night and we’ll drive back to TN together on Thursday/Friday. So I’m moving back to the south with most of you guys.

It’s really hard, leaving everything here. I don’t feel like TN is home at all. In fact, home feels like anywhere my wife is really. But I think it’ll be good to be near family, and it’ll help financially to recover from all this. I already have an interview tomorrow for a job out there, and if that one doesn’t work out, I shouldn’t have any issues finding other jobs. I’m pretty good at what I do, and I hear Nashville is really growing, so I should be able to find something no problem. My dad is going to let me move in with him and not charge me anything so that I can focus on getting all the fees and attorneys and credit cards and stuff paid off quickly, so that will be a tremendous help. If I can get a job soon, I might be able to have it all paid off before I have to come back out here for the sentencing. That would take a massive load of stress off of me, just needing to deal with the emotional parts then instead of the finances too.

Thank you everyone for being so kind and supportive. @racer even called me a few times to ask how I was doing and to give me some encouragement. Thank you, to each one of you.



Someones doing it right :slight_smile:


Since everything is newley fastened to your trailer, stop every one in a while and check the nuts and bolts…


Are those COX reels? Do you like them? How do they hold up in the weather/road spray?



They are BRAND NEW!


I was asking jzbreeland.


My comment still stands…REALLY.


Good for you.


Mark44, You probably haven’t been following his trailer build posts. He literally just put them on a week or so ago and doesn’t have much else on his trailer yet, so he hasn’t used them yet.


Fine. Okay. But I was asking the breeland that posted the pic. Why does someone else respond to a direct question to the poster?


You’re making a big deal out of nothing. He was trying to get you information faster.


Because he’s traveling. May or may not be posting for awhile. But now knowing that they’re brand new and that they probably haven’t gone 20 miles and have never been used, would you ask the same question. He obviously likes for the money or he wouldn’t have bought and part 2 is he has no idea yet. Hope this helps.


I’m not making a deal out of anything!


Where at in Tennessee?


Not sure how to respond to that.

Those reels seemed to be ranked as upper mid ranged. A lot of people also prefer not to plumb their hoses through the reels. I know I will not in the future. Minimal parts means minimal things to break, cost money, or slow you down. My general pump hose reel has broke on both ends now. The swivel on the whip line, which I have no clue why that would be there in the first place, and the swivel attached to the reel. Repairs will cost more than the reel at this point. Just hold hose on the reel.

If you are running chemicals through the hose reel there may be issues faster.


Nashville area