I’m stuck with insurance problems


Definitely. Sounds a little fishy. Like when agents claim your GL will cover any damage you cause to what you’re cleaning, and only later do you find out that there’s a CCC exclusion and you’re replacing $20k of siding out of pocket…


Try calling 561-499-2550, it’s jsh family group, they insured me.


Get commercial auto insurance

You can’t have people work with you once in a while. Either there an employee or there not.

If they are then you need Workmens comp, payroll, ect…

I pay $90 a month for commercial auto for an Isuzu NPR. Not sure what your driving record is but lmk where your located and I’ll talk to my agent for ya


Nvm…my lady doesn’t do Florida


Did any of you sub contract out using 1099s in the beginning before you had enough work for regular employees?


If they have their own truck, power washer and insurance then 1099.

If they don’t meet that min then legally you cannot 1099…if your insurance or irs audits you then good luck.

But yes, 1st year I did until I learned the correct thing to do