I’m stuck with insurance problems


I purchased my equipment 5k worth and am ready to go to work I have money for general liability but not commercial auto and I also have the money for inland marine equipment does anyone have any reccomedstions on where I go from here or am I just screwed till I can afford commercial auto I need to get to working my current job pays minimum wage


Where are you located ?


I’m confused what’s the question


Talk to a Shelter insurance agent


I’m in west palm beach Florida and what is shelter insurance everywhere I check commercial auto is 2 to 3 grand I’m asking is they an alternative like use my personal insurance with full coverage or is that a no


If nothing happens then you have no problem but if it does there will be issues.


That’s what I’m afraid of


People down here are idiots I’m registered as an llc but pretty sure that will affect me personally if something happens


Does FL have specific insurance requirements? It was a little hassle but I had a local insurance agent write up my WC and PW liability and it certainly wasn’t several thousand a year.


Those numbers seem about rite . I think mine is about 3k for two trucks


Gl is cheap about $1200 or $1400 I can’t remember.
WC your going to need to remortgage your house for if you do roofs.
Minimum $100000 payroll and WC will be 30 percent of that payed upfront


I will be the only one working I have the money for general liability and inland marine it’s the commercial auto that is killing me…


I have a few guys that will work on occasion but they will be on the ground


I asked my agent about commercial auto. They said if I get in accident they would require commercial auto at that point but the claim would definitely be paid.


So @Sasquatch your saying if they is an accident my personal will pay but from that point on I would have to have commercial auto


Well, I am saying that’s what my agent told me. I would talk to your agent. I should probably get it in email to cover my butt.


Sounds like getting flood insurance after it floods, or getting health insurance after you need a major surgery.

Insurance companies arent still business if thats how they operate. Im lost on what your saying.


I’m just gonna have to save and get it I want to pay it for a year


Not really. There is a policy in force.


May I ask why?

My GL policy gets paid automatically every month. A whopping $82.25. Liberty Mutual charges nothing extra for that.

But even if there is a service fee for breaking up the payments, it’s negligible when compared with your ability to generate income with that vehicle safely and with peace of mind.