I love my job!

Another reason love doing flatwork. No sun beating down. not a lot of traffic. it’s just peaceful. 20190827_003425


I’ve been fighting a bit of depression lately. I had been getting in too early and I kept missing the sun. I started taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C and a the wife got me a tanning bed membership for all my Vitamin D. Just be careful if you never see the light of day!


Does that help with the garlic allergies and missing reflection in mirrors?! :astonished:



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Man you’ve got to get out and get that sunlight and listen to the birds sing. It’s good for the soul.


How could I do that and still avoid all the day walkers lol summer is almost gone. I’ll come out of my dark hole then


No sun here either. Just a nice cool slight breeze and a cool stream running across your boots. Did this when it was over 100 outside.


Did you have to remove the debris too or did they have someone else do it

Nah, I’m good.

That looks like it leads straight to Hades lol


Someone else is doing that. I just had to do a light cleaning. Basically rinse any loose dirt, webs, and debris out. Most of it was fairly clean except for this last 200’ or so. They’re coating it with a cementious material anyways, so it doesn’t have to be anywhere near as clean as you would typically clean a house for paint prep or anything.

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My tech was getting freaked out when he was laying out the hoses in the pipes. Even when you could see the light at the end, it was still a long walk to get there. Turn off your headlamp and it’s pitch black.


I bet he was. Can you even stand up straight in there? How tall are they?

No sun today soaking wet and freezing my butt off cant even feel my hands


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Says its 90 degrees out

You could in the last 300’, except for where it was partially caving in. First 300’ was about 5’ diameter, 2nd 300’ was about 6’, then 7’ in the last section. Sucked for my tech, cause he’s 6’4” and looks about like @Grizz’s twin. I’m 5’10”, but still had to duck in the 6’ section because of boots and hard hat.


Welcome to my world!!! :grin:

Geez. I guess somebody has to do it and it’s all money right!

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Yup. No chems at all. Just gas and time.


Got some questions about the hot box. Ill message you later when we are done cleaning.

Sounds good. Took today off to go with my wife to her first round of chemo. Should be free the rest of the day afterwards.