I lost my CAT today


Kleen Rite is high on shipping but still a good deal.


Yah, it was like $13… but order other stuff at the same time




When I clicked this and started reading I thought you lost a 1998 3406e. Now that would have been a bad day. I was literally relieved when it was just your pump. $20k is a little more than $400



No sir! Lol! My 389 has an anemic 60 series under the hood, and if it goes down, HOPEFULLY Fitzgerald’s will take care of it!!


I forgot you had that glider. And you already know I’d take that 60 series over my isx any day.




Presumed cause of death.
Direct drive + buffer tank / intake restriction = DEATH

No clue what it is or how it got past the TWO mesh screen filters. But it did.


Where in your system was the screen in your above picture?


Get ya an unloader block. May save that fancy new pump someday!


@amateur it was in the original spot where you would have screwed on the garden hose. I kno I should have thrown it away but I just cleaned it up last year and kept it in. I assumed that the filters would have caught anything b4 it got there.


Forgive my dumbness, lol! But I honestly don’t know the purpose of a block. I assume it’s to keep the unloader away from some of the vibrations. Help me understand! :rofl:


It just moves the unloader off the pump. Helps with vibrations and if the unloader ever lets go its less likely to damage the pump. I think I ordered mine from pressure tech but cant be sure. Takes the stress off the pump.


I see. So it would pop the hose between the pump and block?


Yep! You will need to get a short whip.


14 second mark



Thank you and now I see👍🏻


Unloader block is like the muffler tip on a civic.

Doesn’t actually do anything, but all the cool kids got em


Send me your address and I’ll send you an unloader block. Then you gotta give a smiley face to 12 of ikii post. Deal?