I lost my CAT today


Well the final day has come. My CAT is gone. She passed away around 3pm Monday, April 11 2019. She was born in 1998, and served me well until today. Our relationship started about 5 years ago, she was brought into my life by a Craigslist ad, after some negotiations and $300 I took her home and made her my own. In those 5 years I grew to love her, and she worked hard for me without one single complaint. She has washed more trucks than I could count, 32 houses to my best count, and pumped millions of gallons, 4GPM at a time, always under pressure. She produced thousands, and thousands of dollar for me, and all she ever asked for was 32oz of SAE30 a couple times a year. In her early life, she was forced to live in a dark shed in Jacksonville, rarely used and was forced to recirculate her own output, creating wild heat cycles that probably took years off her life. I swapped out her unloader, and allowed her to flow freely with cool water on and off the trigger, ending the suffering of her overheating.
She and I were soft washing a 4000sqft home today, and I had a bad feeling. She was a little slow to prime, and didn’t quite want to reach that highest 2 story peak. I knew what was about to happen. I begged her to hold on, just another 100 gallons or so. She plowed thru, fighting until the job was almost complete. As I was rinsing the last window she started pulsing, I could feel her heartbeat in my gun. I felt the sadness come over me, as I walked up to her trailer, I could see that her lifeblood looked like a milkshake in that tiny little window in her case. As I flipped the switch on her Siamese brother Honda, I swear I saw her industrial blue/green hammer-tone painted soul fly away into the clouds. Shes pumped her last gallon, her plungers have plunged their last plunge, shes squirted her last squirt. She is survived by one younger brother, 66DX, one sister 4SF40G1, one uncle General, and numerous cousins across the world. She lived a hard life, out in all weather, sunshine to snow, but always pumped her 3500psi without a second thought. She lasted much longer than expected, she was just supposed to be temporary, but even as her brother and sisters came along she was always my GO TO. She was slow to rinse, and even slower when she was spinning a 20” surface cleaner, but until today, she was always there for me, and MADE IT HAPPEN!!! Her life motto was
“The pump with nine lives” but she lived many more than that.

She was loved dearly, and will be missed more than anyone will ever know. In the next few days, I will separate her from her Siamese brother gx390, and perform and amateur autopsy, and give a cause of death. I assume it will be bad U seals, cracked porcelain, pitted valves and collapsed springs. I’m sure she could be revived, Frankenstein style, with some new parts, but I may just let her RIP, and replace her with the new ■■■■■■■ child, with the Allison sticker stuck over the Comet sticker.

6DX, you will be missed.


Soooo what’s the next kitten to purrrfectly match the GX390??


Allison 6.7 gear drive. I’ll test it out, I have really bad luck, so if It can break, it will!:joy:
I don’t do well with “fragile “ but for the $$ it was hard to pass up.


My condolences sir. When is the funeral . You gonna bury her in the back yard. You’re a HOOT dude!! You should perform eulogies for a living. You’d be rich!



Unfortunately we may not have a funeral, or a burial. I believe I’ll just place her on a shelf in the shop, at eye level, so I can see her daily and be reminded of all the crazy, wet good times we had.

It’s kinda odd how she decided to lay down the DAY BEFORE her new replacement is scheduled to arrive via UPS. it’s almost like she knew her time was up…


To funny. Get her melted down and placed in an urn. She’d like that. Lol


You get your new allison through Envirospec? I saw the have a killer deal on them…


Yes, $399 with gearbox. On the ups truck today, but I’ll be gone to work before it gets here. Do I won’t see it till about 3am. :rofl:


I am not seeing that deal on the website? Where you find that? Would be a decent price pump to have on the shelf as a backup at that price.


@SchertzServicesLLC. It may be gone now, but he set up a separate link while I was on the phone with him. I’ll see if I can find it.


@SchertzServicesLLC. No, it’s back to $499. But here’s the part number to look up and keep a check on it. TSB5638G


I see the predator 22HP is in sale again, hmmmmmm…


@ShinedUP I understand what you are saying about giving up the ghost when you are about ready to replace.

Couple years ago I had a truck for sale. Was traveling and an out of town buyer called interested. I happened to be going through there so was going to meet them. Turned right instead of the normal left and lost the transmission.


That is a steal of a price! Udor gear boxes alone are $300


That kind of thing happens to me a lot :rofl:

Yes sir!! It may be total crap. Idk.

@Patriotspwashing bought one first, I call to talk to them about it. He told me it was a comet pump w their name on it, and told me he’d put it on sale for a few days. I just couldn’t resist. :rofl:
I’ll know by the weekend if it at least pumps water. I might talk myself into that 22 predator. I mean if your gonna go cheap A**, might as well go all out!! Just think, all new 6.7@3600 for $1150!!!


It may be cheap but the predator works! Ill really put it to the test this summer being full time.


I’ve got 2 of the 212’s and never one issue in years. Go cart racing is coming on strong around here, and I looked into it and EVERYONE across the country is running that 212. And building them to 12-15hp!


I’ve been so busy I just fired myne up today and broke it in. It sounds good!

I’ll be bolting the new pump on tonight or tommorow.


Kleen rite has the blue spring unloaders for like $35


Same ones everyone else sells for double.