I like it when they call me Big Poppa!

Well fella’s…I just came home to pick up a tool on the way to my last job today and had some pretty big news dropped on me.

It sounds like we will be adding a new member to the Pro Pressure Washing crew. My wife is pregnant with #5. I can only guess that it will be another boy since we have four already…but who knows!

HOLY COW! Can anybody say… snip snip! I’m excited though; I was told I can’t tell my family just yet so I’m telling you guys first. :smiley:


Wow. Congrats!

Where your “Industry family”:smiley: Congrats Lee.

Congrats. I never heard a word of it!!! Truely I read it!!! HAHAHA


Congrats, how wonderful!

Congrats man.

Yeah, How exciting.

#5??? Son You Need A Hobby!!!

J/K Lee…Congrats Buddy!!!

lol…yeah i better start using a better wand accessory that will still get the job done without all the damage:rolleyes:

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I think that’s what got you #5…LOL!

I have all girls!! Maybe we can workout a trade!!! :wink:

Brian Richardson
Crystal Clean Pressure Washing