I learned about that today

So, like many others here, this is my first year doing trying to do this this professionally.

At any rate I did one roof job to spray on some SH and detergent. Worked great. I probably ran it like that for maybe 40 minuntes. At any rate, yesterday I was washing some mold off a customers house, went to use my downstream injector and nothing. Like a newbie, I didn’t flush it out with water after the first job and it failed. So there I was in my newbie glory, having to put the bleach in my pump sprayer, getting on a ladder. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how it failed since it is basically nothing more than a venturi style jet pump. I’m guessing that the corrosion from that one job is enough of a restriction to where the pump fails and is done. Would it help if I soaked it in CLR? Where does everyone else get their injectors from?

I also learned if you rent a telescoping wand extension check the fitting before you walk out of the store. It sucks to go to plug it in and realize that you’re looking at 2 female ends!


Can’t do roofs downstreaming. Stick pick in injector to unstick ball. Telescoping wands are nono’s

You can also put petroleum jelly on the ball bearing and let it sit overnight and it will eat a lot of the corrosion off wipe off the jelly and back to work

Petroleum prevents corrosion but doesn’t eat it away. Don’t do that to your injector. It will make the ball stick in the o ring more often.

I’m a big fan of pump saver after every wash if the pump is going to sit for anything longer than a half hour. Flush the thing with water. I’m obsessive about putting an old section of draw tube about an inch long on the injector with a couple drops of pump saver in it if we’ve run bleach through it.

Every couple days I scrub the injector barb with a green scrub pad.

Keep a pick set on you like innocent bystander said. It’ll come in really handy for replacing o-rings too.

I’ve used an extension pole exactly 2 times in the last year.

Once to clean the corrugated canopy of a huge covered deck with a small surface cleaner on it since I couldn’t walk on it. Just stood at the edge and slid it over the thing.

The second to blow the stuff out of a customers gutters trapped in the roll over style gutter guard faster than I could with a ladder.

An extension pole has its place, but 99 times out of 100… probably not the best tool of choice.

Hey innocent you very smart when it comes to a lot of things but the jelly will get the rust off and I told him to wipe it off if you take a stainless bumper with mild rust put the jelly on it and it will get it off but to solve the problem just get the acid injector with the ceramic ball