I just thought it was a cool picture


What’s the guy in the sign shoveling? Is it all the cash he made??? :rofl:


They dont make a p wash guy. You gotta use your imagination a little

MMM no signs on the truck? Another Chuck in the truck?

None of my trucks had “signage” and I had more work than I could handle


No signage anywhere on my truck or trailer. No signage on my uniforms either.

Don’t know who sold folks on “gotta have signs or you’ll never get work” but it couldn’t be further from the truth.

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I need that truck. It is all but impossible to find a decently clean flatbed truck right now. I was scrolling through commercial truck trader and found one similar. Only problem was it’s a 6.0 powerstroke.

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I’m a firm believer in no signage, but a flat bed sucks to work out of

My trailer has graphics, call it the ‘rolling billboard’. Every so often I get a call saying they saw my trailer.

You should hang up on them out of principle

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Principle…for what? Calling about my service?

I was being humorous. Can’t you tell that the letters have a little twinkle in them when I make a joke.


And this is what happened when I get sucked into scheduling a house every now and then


That’s pretty much half of my customers right there, I just have to nail down an exact time/date on the schedule or we don’t show up.

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Got this today, one of several this year.

I told them $20,000.


That’s way too much. Even I wouldn’t be a another over $15k. You’re just taking advantage of them


He replied back “That’s on the high side” and I said…

“Sure is”.


We got the same text, same everything he said to you. Number the same too.

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That’s crazy. I contacted the realtor, he was very thankful for letting me know.

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Are you calling mr a chuck in a truck because i dont have any signs. Hahahahaha you gotta be kidding