I just recently had two pieces of equipment fail to unlock for me

  1. The pressure hose that connects to the gun is failing to disengage.
  2. The lock is also failing to disengage from the wand hoping to find a solution instead of having to throw out a perfectly good wand and new surface cleaner. I checked to make sure nothing was clogging the holes on the spinner.

I fixed the surface cleaner! Now I just need help with the hose stuck to the engine.

Just an FYI it would be a really good idea for you to start with an introduction of yourself.

You only have one chance to make a first impression.


Can you elaborate a little more? like my name and stuff?

dang, opportunity missed…

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Name, location, business name, experience, setup etc.

Thats some quality equipment and you seem to know what youre doing :unamused:. Im surprised it seized​:roll_eyes:. Try releasing the pressure on the fittings by pulling the trigger and turning water supply off and reading alot more and getting experience on your own place and maybe family and friends

Oh, the irony.

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