I just purchased a new trailer rig and im 100 percent new to the industrie my question iswhat type of j rod do i need


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Too much info for others to process.
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He will be easy to spot. His VPN will be named YoVPN.


I’m new as well, purchased a pressure pro 3000 5 gpm machine. I am confused as well on what tip to use for long distance soap. I heard a 0040 would work, but it does not. I am going to get a 0050 tomorrow and see if that works.


0040 is correct tip. What gun are you using? Does injector pull when not using gun or not using nozzle


I answered your question on a different thread you started.


Gun that the machine came with, unsure really. It will pull soap without a tip great, but once I put my tips in it just refuses.


Yes I am reading multiple possibilities, 0040 did not work. You say 2550 , and I will try that tomorrow


Try. A ST 2315 gun. Your gun is probably restricting the flow.


Guys after multiple wrong tips and a few days of driving to my local power washing store, I have it figured out. Long range soap tip at least. Thank you for all the advice. Great community to have for help in the future.


Went with the 0050 and can pull soap 40 plus feet high now. 0040 would not work.