I just purchased a new trailer rig and im 100 percent new to the industrie my question iswhat type of j rod do i need


Yes technically if you have 100 gallons in a 100 tank you legal . If you have 1 gallon in a 125 gallon tank your illegal


The key is to have your tanks so full that DOT thinks there empty… had that happend to me a few months ago


The key is to be legal. Let’s stick with sound advice and not post stuff like that, especially on a newbie thread.


Ok so to acquire a haz Mat license it’s a trip to the dmv? Or somewhere else I’m gonna start researching this


It’s medical card and a cdl. Just keep below 100 gallons of SH and you’ll be ok. Remember, one gallon of SH and 99 gallons of water is still 100 gallons of SH


First you need a CDL then you can apply for the hazmat endorsement. Pay your $400 take the test . Weight for the back ground check. Most people do not pass it the first time. It requires a general knowledge of chemicals not just the ones your carrying. Then you will realize how and why 90 percent of all fines under hazmat are from improper paperwork work. Like you log book and about 100 other things


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A cdl will cost 800 and up, plus traffic fines are higher, plus a load of other things.


Wow that’s high. Here, you take a test and have an endorsement added to your license 4 what your being qualified to drive. I think when I got my Class B it wound up costing me about 50 bucks.


You dont wana be tugging around a placarded trailer… not just becuse every local cop will have a field day with you…and 99 percent dont even understand the laws…but you dont want customers seeing it and feeling uncomfortable about hiring you. I have a cdl and a hazmat… and I still wouldn’t wana go threw the process for our buisness.


Here you have to drive with a dmv rep(?) and roadtest the type of vehicle your trying to qualify for and thats the last step. Not cheap, i did the semi class A.


Also once your at a weight that requires a placard every other chemical you carry becomes fair game and also needs to be displayed… I’m guessing(not 100 percent sure) your batteries for electric start and soft wash would be fair game as well


I had to Road test but it wasn’t that expensive. I’m working on my passenger endorsement so I can help with the church bus


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