I just purchased a new trailer rig and im 100 percent new to the industrie my question iswhat type of j rod do i need


my machine is a 5.5 gallon per minute machine im picking it up in the morning from the company i purches my entire rig set up from i need to know what kind of j-rod i need for high pressure sop/rinse and low pressure soap/rinse i like the idea of not touching a ladder and hitting two story houses from the ground any help would be appreciated…


Use search bar and you will get plenty of details


i have but im kinda seeing things i dont understand


Then use it more


Nice answer guys. This is the newbie forum, not the ‘do a search’ section.


Call Russ at Southside Equipment or Bob at Pressuretek. Tell them what machine you have and they’ll hook you up.


thank you @Racer


Jrod tips for 5.5 gpm:
2510 - fan rinse
0010 - stream rinse
0050 - stream soap
2550 - fan soap


You can buy full J rod kits from Pressure Tek or if you already have the jrod you can copy the nozzles for you GPM unit.

Also here is a nozzle chart to check out https://pressuretek.com/nozzle-chart/


Exactly… that’s why chris and jordie made these new categories so newbs can come in here and get an understanding on things they CANT understand just yet searching on their own. (Clearly)

BINGO … go on pressuretek.com and order a 5.5 gpm jrod kit. Itll run you like 30 or 40 bucks or some like that. Good luck and reach out to some of us if you get confused. I’m in my first season for house washing but at least I got a season under my belt. and I’d be glad to share any knowledge I’ve acquired from this forum; with you, if you need it bud. Dont get discouraged by people who break your chops, you’ll get answers from some pretty cool guys on here !


Dont they sell parts too where u bought your equipment?


they do they speacalize in mobile detailing and power washing/ soft wahs equipment the only thing i dont believe they carry is sh and surfacant but im just doing genral research most homes here are stucco and “barrel tile” along with more pavers then concrete on the drive ways i have a 24" aqua pro surface cleaner to do the flat work and a soft wash set up with shurflo 3.5gpm and a 130 gallon chem tank but im just trying to find the proper j-rod for doing the homes from the ground less ladder sounds better to me not a major fan of heights but i will get up high if need be always tie off for safety and peacde of mind but i mainly am asking about the proper jrod and tips sizes/orofices…thanks everyone for your time


I would always ask them first, they are aupposed to be experts.
0040, 0050,


A little offtopic here, but how is that 24in surface cleaner working out for you and that 3.5gpm machine?


The 130 gallon chem tank will become illegal as soon as you put a drop of SH in it and teavel on public roads


I wonder this same thing lol


Need a hazmat license to carry more then 100gals.


Thought it was 1000lb


Same thing. SH weight about 10lbs per gallon. But DOT does everything by weight.


Also i believe they don’t care how much you actually carry but just the size of the tank.