I have researched....still need help

Yes Yes before I begin I have spent my time looking around the site and I HAVE found a lot :slight_smile: you guys are great. That being said I am spending a lot of money and want to get some confirmation. I am getting in to residential. I am a window cleaner right now trying to add more seevices. Going to put it all on a skid and run it out of the back portion for my ford econoline.

I think a 5gpm 3000 psi would be just fine for house washes, driveways, fences and decks. I know that flow is better then PSI but still that 3000 psi worries me a bit. I have contemplated getting a basic 4000 4gp machine which you can find all over the internet and in bundles for business too. Tempting considering it’s only 1gp less…

I have purchased Doug Rucker online school of pressure washing and I am watching it now. Really gunna do everything to make this business work on the pressure washing side.

My questions!

For roof washing instead of getting a separate tank could I realistically XJEt my solution on to the roof and use low pressure and certain tips from my pressure washer to rinse? Saves me some money and space In my van. Also a 50 gallon buffer tank I think should be fine for 5gpm but you guys are the experts some final thoughts on that ?

Finally I am from Canada so still learning about the best pressure washing websites are in the states! Gunna get it shipped close to the us border cause your prices are so cheap and just bring it over and pay the taxes.

Let me know what YOU would do ! In regards to the buffer tank, the machine…there are so many opinions online. One minute I hear that downstrramjng more then a 150 foot of hoze won’t work to… of course it will work ! So many things to think about and so much money I don’t want to mess this up !


I have both a 4gpm and a 5.5gpm on my trailer and use my 5.5 way more for everything. The main time more pressure is more beneficial is when you are running longer lengths of hose like 300 plus feet. With longer lengths of hose you get pressure drop. Personally i would go with the 5.5@2500 machine out of the two.

Can you X-jet a roof, technically yes, but i wouldnt. Asphalt roof need a 3-5 percent solution which and x jet can do if you throttle down, but not good for cooling on the motor for extend periods of time. Also with the x jet you have to have a bucket, whether you walk a roof or not having an extra hose can be more dangerous and more of a pita. If your using a 5 gal bucket you will be changing buckets out every 5 min and its going to take you a while to clean a roof having to make so many small mixes. But the main reason i would say no is because of pressure. Even with a modified xjet the pressure will still be more than what a “soft wash” system will produce. I tell my customers we dont use a pressure washer on there roofs, but use a soft wash method. So even though you may be “soft washing” with the xjet you still have a pressure washer on the roof, which can potentially look bad. Cheapest way to build a “soft wash” system is to buy a 12v pump, battery, some 200 feet of hose (ag hose is better but cost more), and buy a 55 gall drum. It can be done for around $500.

Buffer tank you have to decide how big you want, just know water weights 8.4 pounds per gallon so with the tank full can your vehicle support the weights. I can easily downstream with 300 feet of hose.

Your going to make mistakes, your going to buy some things you didnt need. Its all apart of the learning process, Ive made so many mistakes, you just keep moving forward, and make the best decisions you can at the time.


Wow what a detailed response I cant be more happy!! Who said Americans aren’t nice? hahaha.

Can a 5gpm 2500 psi with 150-200 feet of hose still clean a driveway? Or can it do decks and fences? I really want to be able to do those if possible but the main service I am looking at is house washing! Very easy up sell since no one really does it in my area and I already clean windows :slight_smile: So would a 50 gallon tank be a good enough buffer for a 5.5 gpm machine? What website would you recommend there are so many!! Thanks again seriously YOU have made my day :slight_smile:

Also for stackable reals! I am trying to find a cheap but efficient one, doesn’t have to have drag ! I am sure I will be able to find them on whatever sites you recommend :slight_smile: Thanks again! I have not been able to find 5.5gpms anywhere…its like they are a hidden gem! LOL!

Pressuretek.com is a good starting place. I just got that machine from him.

Its not on website but he will add it up there for you. Most everything you need can be found there, some places might have better prices but he is very easy to get in touch with in my experiences.

so with 200 feet of hose which is what I am looking at doing, will a 5.5 gpm and 2500 psi be fine for working on fences etc? 55 gallon tank good for that too I am assuming? I think your right with the roof cleaning! I will look at all the stuff you mentioned :slight_smile:

2500 psi just seems so low ! like it won’t rip gum off a sidewalk or something LOL but if its house washing I want and peoples driveways as long as it can operate really well I am happy!

Here is a question for you. Would you rather a 3000 psi 5 gpm or a 2500 5.5 gpm! Very small difference but both differences happen on separate categories. Man I have submerged myself in a lot of learning… I thought pressure washing was supposed to be easy!

Where in Canada are you?

I am in Ottawa! Here is a picture of how I see my van looking…you can tell me if it can happen or if I’m crazy.

There’s a Power Wash store in Penn. you could drive to. Straight down I-81. Looks about 7 hours away.

what did you think of my drawing ? possible ? if you had to choose between a softwash setup or a pressure wash setup if you had to choose…as in the van could only hold one. Which one would you go with? Stressing out here so much information

If your limited on space I would 100% go with a pressure wash set up, unless you only intend to do roof washing. I X JET roofs with no issues. Get your self a ball valve before the gun to control the volume of water ( Less water = Stronger solution going onto roof) With the X JET M5 you can untwist the black part that controls the fan pattern and thread on a standard quick connect, add a 3 foot lance and a stream soap tip and you will be able to do a lot of roofs without ever stepping onto the roof. Now is having a dedicated pump easier? Yes… but if your limited on space then you can use that technique.


I use 200 feet on my 5.5 on driveways all the time. It really does not take much pressure to clean a driveway, i run my surface cleaners at around 1600-1800 psi depending on length of hose.

Buffer tank size depends on what the average gpm a spigot can put out in your area. In my area a 50 gallon would be fine.

Hose reel is mainly a preference thing. I like the titian reels and a lot of others like hannay. Summit, cox, and general pump also make decent reels.

Most places who sell pressure washer, if you call can have a 5.5 built for you. I bought mine from KEC because they where having a deal at the time.

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Is the online school worth the money?

I guess it depends on how much you already know. From a guy who has never used a pressure washer but wants to add to his current business, this is unreal stuff. It’s probably 100 videos ranging from equipment to how to wash houses, roofs, drive ways…sales tactics and marketing ( this part doesn’t really pertain to me I know how to sell ) but also on pricing which is nice !

you also get him as a contact…and he is very good at responding to text and you can call him ! I think it is well worth the money but to be honest I have been putting more time in to how my setup is going to be together then watching his videos right now. However I would recommend it ! It’s a bit pricey but the contact alone is worth it. Seems like the kind of guy who can answer questions quickly if your on a job site and need quick information


General pump reels are absolute garbage. Mine blew out in a couple months…

Look up Hot Wash Atlanta they have a high volume machine with 3000 psi and 5.5 gpm for around $1765 shipped depending where your at. I bought 2 of them for my rig and i really like them so far. I’m a greenhorn too so good luck with you business. http://www.hotwashatlanta.com/pressure-washers-cold-water/cold-water-pressure-washer-5-5-gpm-3000-psi-belt-drive

Just got an email this morning from Envirospec on this machine. This is heck of a price.


Hey ! What kind of buffer tank would I need with that ? 50 do it ?

Depends on water supply in your area. Probably, but a 100 would definitely be good.

it’s not letting me find that specific one :frowning: can you send me the link ? seems like a great machine !

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see part number - Envirospec


It shows an engine with electric start, but doesn’t show in description. Might want to check on that.

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