I had one of "those" today

I quoted a driveway last week while I was working next door and scheduled it for today. I tried talking to them about the house, but he said his brother/uncle/who ever already cleaned it (not really). So I get there today and the husband immediately asks about cleaning the side of the house. Sure, no problem. Then it was the front porch, then it was the front gutters, then it was the upper windows, by the time I was done I washed half the house. And each request came as I was getting ready to shut down. Got it all done and the guy came over with a big smile and tried to give me a $25 tip for cleaning half the house. It took a little back and forth for him to realize I needed much more than $25 for all that work. I finally got paid and booked it out of there as fast as possible.

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I’ve only offered to wash part of the house twice. First time I knew I was making a mistake and lost money, second time I did it just to be sure because I’m stubborn as a mule and lost money.

Full shabang or no shabang. Glad you ended up getting paid though, could’ve been worse


Always tell them up front how much that “extra” work is going to be before starting.


How did you end up losing money simply by washing only part of the house?

If that starts to happen, I usually tell them I need to refresh my chems so I can do a better job and schedule to come back. Then, I try to walk the house with them to point out areas that they should address and hopefully get them to buy into getting the whole house washed.

I once shoveled an old ladies driveway back in the late 60’s (yes - I know - I’m old) and after 4 hours, WITH the path to the trash cans included as I was finishing the driveway, she gave me a quarter. (that’s pronounced qwahta where I’m from)
I told her that her next door neighbor paid for my shoveling and gave it back to her. I think we all have one of those stories (hopefully only one) and learn to set expectations upfront to avoid that. But the experience teaches us to not forget. I’ve found that I can make so much more money by slowing down. It also gives us the opportunity to show the value of what we do and upsell.
I’m glad you were able to remind him of all of the work you did and get paid.

Couldve made $200/hr doing something else instead of $100/hr. Still made money but lost potential profits

In my main line of work as a window cleaner we call that “oh by the way”. It’ll add up quick.


Or, “while you’re up there…”

Usually, I’m not going to “be up there”. I’m cleaning with a WFP. Happy to change that floodlight bulb for a cash tip, though :grin:

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I’m severely jealous you can use a WFP.

I had a lady do that to me so tell the next person that does it to you, what i told her,

“When you go to mcdonalds and buy a cheeseburger do you ask, could you just throw in a few fries for free”

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Love wfp….

opportunity cost is real…they teach it in them fancy skools

I went to one of them thar fancy schools! Then the coofa hit and I was paying way too much money to be a prisoner.
But yea, opportunatay cost or whatever :joy: