I Found the Perfect BBQ Grill

Not for me, but for @Innocentbystander and his off-grid cabin.


I like. Everyone mail me your scrap metal


Lol! :rofl:

That thing is awesome. If you set it up in my town you’d have a mob of yupee protesters trying to make you give it up before it hurts somebody. Guns are dangerous you know.

Same here. I’d probably have a bunch of college students in my front yard wearing black masks, waving rainbow flags and threatening my family. I live 2 miles from a campus.

Yeah we’re living some interesting times.at this rate we’ll be the first country in history to voluntarily disarm them selves… Well with the exception of Australia. Anyways didnt mean to disrail the thread.

Never gonna happen………

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Can’t de-rail this thread… It wasn’t going anywhere specific anyway…

I know for me it won’t ever happen, but I hope your right.

Glad to be in good company :+1:

Man now I’m craving some good bbq chicken

Every Saturday we have a family bbq but tomorrow is my birthday so my wife has surprise plans, so I may or may not get some grilled beef

Happy birthday :tada:

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Thanks man :+1: