I am new to the industry and have a few questions for the professionals about walls

i need techniques for washing high walls from two story and up.

  1. best chemical for walls with black marks (or mold/mildew)
  2. ratio for that chemical
  3. should i ever use a ladder?
  4. should i worry about hand scrubbing high surfaces with a ladder?
  5. are there any effective telescoping wands that don’t bend?
  6. would a turbo nozzle help for walls over 15 ft?
  7. what is the most efficient way you clean walls, concerning time?
  8. what is the most effective way to clean every last mark?
  9. how much does it usually cost to rent a boom lift?

Also, i have the chemical simple cherry and tried that and it didn’t make a single difference on a black stain on a specific wall. Is there such thing as an impossible stain that you couldn’t get out? i used a few different simple green products as well and it had no effect. chlorox bleach didnt work either. is there better types of bleach and where should i order from?

Hi Alex miller welcome give me a call I’ll be more then happy to answer your questions 7043076221

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Should you read through past posts…YES!

Oh by the way…welcome to the PWRA!