Hydrotek's new burner?

[COLOR=#333333]Anybody know anything about how good (or how bad) the new Beckett 12v burner is? Something like “Lite” or…?? Supposed to not draw so much. Your experience?[/COLOR]

The new Beckett Power Light burners save energy by dropping the ignitor out after a flame is established. The flame is self-sustaining after ignition.

It has been tried in the past by reverse engineering a safety lock out…that is, shutting the burner down if flame is not established, saving soaking the combustion chamber with raw fuel. They decided to use the control module for shutting down the ignitor after flame was established, which worked for a while. Problem was, the control would go bad, killing the ignition, so the fuel pump just sprayed fuel all over the coil and insulation.

The Beckett is a different system from that. It’s made to do exactly as it’s designed, not rigged from something that was not made to drop out the source of ignition after the fire is sensed.