Hydrotek surface cleaner

i got a used hydrotek surface cleaner the 3 in one with spray broom and gum remover.i really like it except for there is no splash gaurd around it i am thinking about trying to screw a piece of rubber around it or does anyone know if they make something for it. i rented a wisper wash big guy and i loved not getting splashed on all day any info whould be great thanks jeremy

A strip of rubber would work. Places like tractor supply sell rubber like this for bush hog mowers. You could bolt a section on using washers. Cut vertical stripes in the rubber so it doesn’t completely stop you if you bottom out on uneven concrete.

You could always put the right size serpentine belt around it.

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hopefully i wont get all wet now

Jeremy that looks great! Did you get the rubber from where Micah said and if not where did you get it if you don’t mind me asking? I have a few surface machines where the rubber is shot or gone all together.

my helper had some laying around so i really lucked out

i will ask my helper were he got it he had aroll of it