Hydrotek questions

Can anyone fill me in on the specifics of a Hydrotek sc34005k. Some one has one for sale locally. I dont know much about them. It ha s 369 hours on it. Add says it needs tune up whatever that means. Any help what I should be looking for when looking at a used unit would help.


Lee Bailey

[MENTION=7702]Lee Bailey[/MENTION], I would give Russ a call at Southside if you have a couple of questions. I talked to him about one I was looking at on Craiglist and I finally pulled the tigger today. It was a Hydrotek SC35006K with a 16’ tandem trailer, 2 hose reels, 500 gallon tank and a 24" surface cleaner for 2K. It was adversited as it wouldn’t start. I messed with it for 45 mins before I went to work today and got it started. I say this because there are deals out there and I think $1800 (I saw it on craiglist) for a 3400 psi, 4.5 gpm is not worth it IMO. Ask Russ what he thinks.

http://nh.craigslist.org/tls/4186296417.html I believe that this might b e a good deal. It has the Cat pump and low hours…Did you run the unit?

You got a screaming good deal.

Very good deal.

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I was going to see if i could look at it this weekend. It does run according to him. He says it needs a tune up whatever that means. Are there specific things I should check or ask about the unit.

Thanks for the replies.

Lee Bailey