Hydro tech vs Pressure pro

I’m looking at buying a trailer with recovery system. What are your thoughts on a Hydro Tech 3500psi 9gpm vs Pressure pro 3500psi 8gpm, both will be hot water with dual hose setup. I keep getting mixed reviews from different salesmen, I want honest reviews and opinions


If a salesman is trying to sell you a two hose system off of an 8 gpm and trying to tell you it’s 3500psi, u needed to find an honest vendor

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Hydrotek is the best between the 2…

Which hydrotek model is it? I just bought the scx30008 and love it

I can’t remember, I’ll have to look at the quote. Other than hydro tech and pressure pro, what are some others y’all would recommend?

Landa if you have money to spare…

Look for the specs you want first and narrow down your search, but can’t go wrong with a hydro tek

Yes Landa is like a the Bentley, Hydrotek like the Mercedes and Pressure pro is like a Honda right? Is there any other brands Besides Landa that are better than Hydrotek?

I got a hot water pressure pro 5.5 AR pump @3500 psi 18hp vanguard late last year, Its a decent machine for $5000, my other two hot water machines are Hotsys with 390 hondas and 4gpm legacy pumps $7kish each,upgraded on to a 5.5 comet/envirospec allison pump, You get what you pay for imo. What ever you get ,Imo it would have a good pump and good motor.
Good pumps = udor,Legacy,2021 GP, Cat.
If you wanna go cheap then AR,Comet,
Good motor = Vanguard, Honda , 18hp minimum 20,22 HP is better. A steel platform is a must and I do like big fuel tanks opposed to the little ones on the 390’s.
If you want the Cadillac go with the grumps dude , he builds them better than Landa does.
@Racer has bought a new HW machine not long ago and loves it.

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My first machine was year 2000 all American brand 5.0gpm with a vanguard motor and cat pump. My PW mechanic said vanguard motors are expensive compared to Honda but having had Honda cars my whole life I know it’s a good brand. If you could custom build your pressure pro would you swap out the Vanguard for a Honda motor and then use the extra money to upgrade the AR pump to a better one?

When my vanguard blows , I’ll probably replace it with another vanguard, Honda Vtwins are really finicky these days, now the 390 Hondas are bulletproof IMO.
When that AR pump takes a dump , Its Udor or Legacy time for me. Then I’ll rebuild the pumps and use for back ups.

I’m waiting for one more quote, and it’s for a landa. I’m wanting to stay under 20k for everything.

It’ll be over 10k

PM @Racer for his machine info, I think its BE , but not positive.

Call that guy to , Hydrotek, best price I could find in the country, Good fella as well.

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I would not be surprised if it’s over 20k

My local dealer has one on a trailer set up tank reels and all for 24k (no reclaim)

You can get a top of the line Hydrotek with a Honda engine & Reclaim for around 15k

I think he said he has this: https://www.bcesystems.com/store/p626/DC_Series-_Belt_Drive_Pump%2C_12V_Burner_6gpm-8.5gpm.html#/

I talked to them a couple of times, still shopping around.

If you have a local PW shop around that is trust worthy , Become friends, They all break down bubby, no matter what you get.

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They have Alkota machines as well, Fine machine ! built 100% in house in South Dakota. That be my next purchase

The guy I talked to said that they are mainly building for roughnecks I guess. Said that they have awesome pics of guys wrecking their trucks and the PW are still on the skid. That is peace of mind.

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