Huntsville Workshop is now open to everyone!

Due to the large response from people wanting to attend after finding out the top notch speakers and the topics at the Workshop, we were able to secure a larger room to open it up to the public! I don’t know at what number we will cap the attendance at, so please register to get your seat if you are thinking of attending!!

Good luck Jeremy. It looks like your going to have an awesome event.

Thanks John! I wish you could make it. I enjoyed meeting you a NOLA this past year.

We now have a very active fb page for the workshop…let me know if you want to be on the page and we will send you a request!

Looks like the event is shaping up to be awesome…

It is. I encourage anyone who can to be there.
You won’t regret it, I guarantee it.

Huntsville Workshop will be one of the best bang for your learning dollars for probably any event you will ever go to. The speakers we have are some of the top in our industries and in their respected fields and the price you will pay while your here is cheaper than most any event.

Think about it…we are a great centralized location for a lot of people to drive to or if you can fly there, it is even better! What better way to travel then to fly or drive into the event, get off the plane and walk 100 yards to your $80 a night Sheraton hotel room. The Workshop is in the hotel. You won’t need a rental car because they have a full service restaurant/bar in the hotel. Should you need to leave, you can grab a taxi or ride with someone who drove in. You don’t need a ride or shuttle back to the airport to leave because you are already there! It’s the best money you will spend all year for what you will learn!!

Hey Jeremy, I went to the page to sign up but the registration page was blank. How do I sign up and how much is it?

It worked for me. It took a second to load, though.

Thanks Thad. Got it.


For some reason this morning the hotel link to book rooms was down (on the hotels side). If it isn’t up in the morning, I’ll call and them to fix it.

All the links are up and working

Wow…OMG its really happy news for me and thanks to change my mood because today i was too sad but now i feel awesome .

So does that mean your coming to Huntsville?? :slight_smile: