How's the weather by you now?

Another warm winter so far here. Tomorrow may get as hi as 60 degrees. I almost feel like doing some residential work(where shut down on that until March).
I was talking to a Powerwasher from MO yesterday and they just had temps in the single digits… Some wacky weather.

Are you guys getting different type of weather then usual for this time of year?

It’s been cold for here high 50’s low 60’s and low 30’s at night

Sunday the 13 was 78. Monday the 14 is 65. Rest of the week the highest day will be 44. Bummer

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Alex Curry

Yeah, a cold front came through here yesterday.
The temperature dropped from 76 to 46 yesterday evening.

Now it’s 42 and raining.

63 and cloudy

We get it right after Thad. 70’s then it is going to drop to the 40’s and 50’s. Alot of rain, which is good for us, plenty of mold and mildew growing right now.

The high yesterday was 23. Today it’s supposed to top at 19. By the end of the week we should get up to 30 (t shirt weather).

The last two weeks it peaks in the high 70’s/low 80’s. Perfect outdoor work :slight_smile:

It 10 were I’m at and snow on the

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7 degrees today

I actually did a house wash this past Sat. I wore shorts. that is very rare considering it is Jan in N.Y.

Very cold here also Buddy. 27 was high today dropping back to 16 tonight.

No worry about the weather. But i am suffering from running nose for past 3 days :frowning: