How would you tackle something like this?

Went to quote a job today and came across this stain. Old tyres left in a carport for who knows how long. I heard that some tyre shines can etch the concrete. Has anyone ever come across something like this? And what is the best way to tackle it? There is paint overspray all over the place in spots to. Would acid be the best bet to get the paint and leave them both looking even at the same time? Any help would be greatly appreciate.

I’d just hit it with a good degreaser and hot water, if you have, first, and then see what you have left.


@Racer I hit it with ebc 4:1 and this is what it looked like when I went back. The customer said he tried with a pressure washer and didn’t work so he tried a wire brush on the tire mark. It looks like it’s etched in spots in the process

Did you notice the water beading off or soaking in when u washed? Looks like it might have been sealed at some stage and the wire brush has blown thru the sealer.
In any case it probably needs painting to look good.
Easier now its been degreased.

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Watch this. When I saw the marks, this is the first thing that came to mind so I went and found video.

You could try muractic and do the whole area, start off with weaker mix and see if it helps. If not then it’s probably what’s in video. And you’ve done all you can do.


@AUSSIE that’s what I thought at first but on a closer look I noticed it’s just overspray mist everywhere so I did a water spot and it soaked in well. Thanks for the info @Racer very informative. I’ll try a weak muratic acid mix and give it a shot if that doesn’t help even it up paint it is.

Are you saying those white splotches are paint?

No the paint is dark grey. The white has etched in spots by the looks of it and he’s definitely spilled something or something has leaked.

I reckon he has spilled heaps and leaked a variety of liquids and got paint overspray and damaged surface with wire brush
I can’t see that coming clean short of a miracle.
Good news is you have done a great job of degreasing in preparation for the inevitable paint job.
Or client can just live with it and continue to spill and leak without ruining new paint job lol

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You can get the paint off the concrete with Jasco paint stripper but it involves scrubbing with a brush and you’re still going to have the splotches.

Take some after pics after you use Muractic on it, though not sure it’s going to help all that much on that floor.

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