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So if you were to soft wash if water went down the street would you reclaim or pump into sewer clean out usually in the garage?

What would I do?? Get the heck out of Dodge!!! J/K San Diego is another place you read and hear about which is heavily regulated to the point that some say its over regulated. The one thing I know I would do out there would be to do whatever it takes to keep my wash water from running down the street by starting with the cheapest way possible such as berming and redirecting the water flow to a grassy area.

In the PDF bmp 6
“avoid using chlorinated solvents”

Maybe that’s why soft washing isn’t big out here

Looks like there is a goldmine there then. Maybe a way to do real well there is to use Chlorine and mask the heck out of it with Freshwash sold by rinse the surrounding areas real well and do not let the wash water run down the streets. Keep it on premises. If you rinse enough the dilution of the chlorine getting into the earth is so watered down it should be a non issue. I would have to look into those rules more if I lived there.

Water running down the street will always draw some type of attention.

Fortunately we are pretty deep into the woods here and there just really arent many sewers or storm drains… So its not an issue we have to deal with (yet)

“avoid using chlorinated solvents” I don’t think Bleach is classified as a solvent. Usually when you see “chlorinated solvents” this means brake cleaner, or engine degreaser.

The BMP there is “Vague” at best but does give you a direction on where and where not your wash water goes.

Not sure I understand the scenario your question is based on. Are you washing a house, building, concrete…??? Is it in the middle of the City, suburbs…???

Could you explain more???

Thank you for your reply, I’m basically investigating if soft wash is feasible out here just trying to make an educated decision from liability issues/ compliance to will it work on tile roofs. The tile roof question seems to be yes. The regulations maybe to big a headache, but maybe not.


In So Cal it’s basically tract homes with short driveways leading to storm drains. One big city from LA to the border

If you mean “SoftWashing” as in using a 12v pump system to try and clean driveways and houses…don’t waste your time or money. These systems are great for what they were originally designed for…roof cleaning. Unfortunately some distributors that sell these systems are saying these systems can clean concrete & houses, which I guess technically is true, but not as efficient or profitable as other methods.

Thanks Guy!
I’m not interested in flat work or house washes but roofs. Just roofs, tile roofs.

Then you’d be on the right track, but I’m afraid by dismissing house washing and to some degree concrete cleaning (Res.) you’re leaving a bunch of money on the table in up-sells.

Just Saying.

All in time:)

I just want to make sure the main thing the roofs would work out first. Now I need training

If you just plan to do roofs then all you need is a simple 12v system, hose, and a tank.
Do you have friends or family with dirty roofs that you can practice on?