How would you guys do this one

Got a quote to do but looking to see if its possible,
Building is 45 ft 4 stories but the back of the building only has about 8 feet to the fence,
Lots of bugs and spiders webs and associated debris to wash off.
I have a 8 gpm 3,500 psi machine. Hardie board.


Forgot to say they will give us access to the balconies,
Would it be an easy one?


what does “access to the balconies” mean?

Looks level, run a scissor lift through there. Those things are thin.

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Scissor lift!!

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No access for any type of equipment but we can get onto each of the balconies but they are about 40 ft apart so quite a distance.

You don’t need a lift for this job. I Have a 8gpm 3000psi pressure pro and it allows me to do these jobs fairly easy from the ground. I use a 0degree 60 office ( to soap and rinse Long distance) and it shoots that high all day with my 1 foot lance… It looks pretty flat back there, if need be get a 10 or 12 foot step ladder back there to help close the gap…

on the first picture
are you not washing the back side of the pickets or post, or back side of the soffit??? corners in the front of the ceilings, because I cant see how you could wash those areas from the ground??? what am I missing


No I had to get on the decks to wash the back of the pickets as well as the decks themselves. But hit all the siding and gutters from the ground