How to wash a house video?

Is there a trust worthy start to finish video out there for a house wash from someone you trust and know is doing it correctly. Studying up as best I can before I attempt my first house wash

Look on YouTube for Rob Anderson or Dougie Do the Cajun Softwash.


I don’t think I ever found one that will tell you exactly how to do it step by step from start to finish but I was able to get a general idea for a starting point by watching a handful of different guys videos and piecing the puzzle together that way. I did watch a lot of rob Anderson videos in the beginning. @racer has a short video on his YouTube page where he washes a vinyl siding house.


SoftWash Systems has their Certified Applicator program, but it costs a thousand bucks. There is no magic YouTube video you can watch and learn everything. You can watch a thousand YouTube videos and start to pick up bits and pieces. That’s pretty much what I did. It’s doable. But it’s really a horrible and inefficient way to learn anything.


Thing is, there’s no set way to do it. Some prefer 12v, some down stream.

If someone made a 12v softwash video, the downstream people would say that’s not the “way” to do it and vice versa.

Both have limitations I find. It would have to be a pretty long video and in-depth to cover both methods in detail.


Just search “soft wash” on YT and watch every single one you can. Then read for 100 hrs or so around here, that will help you weed out the dumb stuff you saw.


Or find someone in the next town over where you will not be doing business and try to find a mentor who would be willing to allow you to shadow them.

This is my plan, the person just doesn’t know I am going to be asking shortly