How to tell if engine is at full throttle?

I’ve been working on this 10hp diesel engine that I may add a pump to. There was a small screw that I snapped off on the throttle assembly that limited how far the throttle could go. Now with this screw busted I can over throttle this engine which can’t be good.

How do you figure out where the proper full throttle is at without it being set to low or to high? On a guess I can do it somewhat by listening to the engine but diesel has me a little thrown off because of it’s sound.

Thanks for any input.

What I would do is look for the proper RPM speed in the manual or specifications. You could also look for a video or recording of the engine. Worse comes the worst you may have to by an RPM gauge or meter and adjust it to the proper speed. Good luck! I am building a pressure washer myself using a 13HP gasoline engine.

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Get a tac and check it