How to prevent elbow pain/tendonitis “golfers elbow”?

I have been working on a house over the past couple days. Sidewalks, driveway, house wash, pool deck cleaning, fence cleaning, & screen enclosure cleaning.

My elbow pretty bad from holding down the trigger. I think im gonna switch to using just my xjet on ball valve instead of xjet on wand. Any way to prevent this from happening again? Thanks

Tennis ball under trigger is an option although created a safety issue. (DON’T TELL SCHWERTZ!) :blush:


“He don’t need to know nuuuthinnn!”

Huh… so thats why that guy was holding a tennis ball on that video. Ill have to try it out. If anyone knows of a specialized gun or attachment i can purchase that somehow reduces the “recoil” so the pressure isnt so concentrated on your arms & back let me know. Thanks

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I have attached a tennis ball to a rope with a carribeener. Works wonders for surface cleaning. The make a trigger lock. I’ve never tried it bc it doesn’t look like it functions as well as the tennis ball.

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Larger orfice size should reduce the recoil

Flow activated unloader?

Saw this a couple of years ago.
But then i use easy trigger guns, has helped a lot…

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Is there an easy trigger for whisper wash? I couldn’t find one

Remove the trigger gun and replace with a 1/4” qc plug. Then just use your suttner 2315 easy pull as your sc trigger

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  1. Easy pull trigger (suttner 2315)
  2. Change hands when using the wand
  3. Flow actuated unloader
  4. Change up your posture, grip, etc., to reduce the repetitive nature of the work
  5. Use lower pressure when possible
  6. Try supplements like Turmeric and Fish Oil to help with inflammation and joint stiffness

2315 gun. If you see or hear someone recommending a tennis ball, ignore them like the plague. Your business is to important to lose it over something that is so easily avoided


Get a girlfriend.



Inuse the 2315 for all washes.
The other orange ones for a 6 foot wand and the other on a 3 foot one.
Both are easy trigger.
You can remove the SC gun and place a QC.
Like IBS said


Safety first pls