How to pick the correct company to build your website


I responded to your post in the EDDM thread but your question is valid enough to warrant its own thread.

When selecting a company to create your new online presence…

You want a company that has the following qualifications in the pressure washing industry.





Gives awesome discounts for PWRA members.

Has a ton of satisfied customers/fans.

Don’t settle for a web company unless they meet all six of the above requirements.

If you have trouble locating such a company, let us know and someone will be along shortly to offer guidance.

Great advice Tim and that is why we use Web Design Raleigh NC | National Award Winning Web Design . Not only is Anya familiar with Powerwashing(her husband Alex is a powerwasher and fellow PWRA member) she does excellent work and falls into the criteria that Tim states above. Oh yea she also saved us over $700 on our website which ranks very well by me.

Since associations are all about support each other I also look at this as supporting one another to give us more strength. Alex supports me because where fellow PWRA members which I support him back. Anya obviously supports Alex and she supports my business by keeping my website at it’s best. I support Anya by paying for her Web Design Raleigh NC | National Award Winning Web Design services for which I got it at a huge PWRA savings. Anya likes working with PWRA members so with my recommendation of her to others, they will get nice discounts from Anya because of their PWRA membership etc etc etc… Where supporting each other all the way around.

This goes for other PWRA distributors as well.

  1. is run by a person under 5’ tall.

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Good advice. It is absolutely critical that you get someone who follows those criteria so you don’t get screwed.