How to handle this bid

PWR Members,

Greetings from West Michigan.

We received a bid request yesterday from a prospect for cleaning of his siding and this is what it entails:

Would like my exterior siding (including roof overhang) washed. My concern is I do not want it “power” washed as it is stained rough sawed wood siding. I am concerned about ANY removal of the stain/paint. I live in a woods and basically only need to get the spider webs cleaned off.

My ask is how to handle the cleaning of this siding. I’ve done pleanty of siding but not this material.

Really appreciate any help on this one!

Ken, you need to go out and look at it to see what condition the stain is in. If its in good condition you should be able to Softwash it using your house wash solution. If its not in good shape I would walk. Since he doesn’t want the stain coming off.

Thanks for your reply Clark. What would your mix ratio be for this siding in good condition? And when you say good condition what is good/ Not faded?
Thanks much!

By the way how do I get my Avatar here? I didn’t seem to have a problem on the WCR side?

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Ken, unless you know how to strip and stain wood, I would walk. Problem with any kind of wood siding is you dont know where the stain failed and you can bleach out the wood.

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If its a solid stain you should not have a problem but other stains may run or come off and you never know until its too late.

Good insights. I’m going to take a look today. Thanks for all the imput.

Use a ton of soap and no bleach just to remove spider webs and not the stain.

+1 and dry brush the webs before washing