How to actually start

I have everything to start pressure washing and I just have to get my EIN, but I’m the only provider for my family. My question is how do I actually start getting jobs and how do I charge the client to get paid? I’m sure it’ll take awhile to get everything flowing but I’d need to get a good enough jump into the game to support my family. I’m really dedicated to start my own business and do this to retirement and pass it to my kids I just don’t know how to make the jump. Side question what pump do y’all suggest to portion the chemical to water ratio. Thanks in advance.

Ok, I’ll jump in before you get flamed.

Do a search and read for several hours, there is a whole galaxy of knowledge on here if you can sift through the thread drift.

Oh, and a breakdown/picture of your equipment and location would be helpful.


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@Lionheart. Just start at the top and start reading down. Skip the BS rambling and derailment and look for what you dont know. You’ll know it when you see it. You’re asking for what can be found by researching. Put a little effort in to before you start asking questions that have been answered 1000 times before. It’s no different than some random dude asking to borrow your truck

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It all starts with basic marketing to get your name out there any way that you can, as time passes you will gain more customers from referrals and repeat jobs as well as new customers along the way. It’s not going to happen over night so have some coin in the bank to support a family and pay bills. As @dcbrock Said read a whole lot on these forums, when you see a @Hotshot post skip it immediately and keep reading some more :joy::joy:


As someone who is in the same boat I’d say just do it. Obviously there’s more to it. I’m going in my 3rd year part time still. You are already ahead of me being as you found this sight before you began. As mentioned read read read. A lot of folks on here are solid dudes and are willing to answer a lot of questions believe me I ask. Terms to type in softwash, deck cleaning 101 (it’s a awesome thread), and the list goes on. Also if you haven’t purchased equipment yet look up trailer builds, equipment, and so on. I unfortunately purchased my stuff then found this site so I have changes I want and will need to make. There is a lot to learn. The family situation is like this do what you can. For me it’s been a slow transition because I am also sole provider myself, plus buying proper equipment, and keeping food and bills you know. I utilize my evenings during the longer days to do estimates or knock out small jobs and my weekends to line up a whole days work. I personally don’t like to work on Sundays but have had to. Don’t let it all overwhelm you and block out the negative people most will be friends and family. Best of hard work! Oh yeah if money is tight make your cards on Vista print and get double sided tape and place them on door knobs. I don’t knock, well because people get sketched out. You could also do flyers.


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And I’m not understanding your question. are you wanting to find out your SH ratio ?

@Hotshot hold up now some of us house Washers wash all year. If you are cold you aren’t moving fast enough.


This is probably the best way I’ve ever heard anyone explain it. GG


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Oh so I’m just going to derail this thread since we have all had the please read first conversation a million times. I’m looking for a set of pulleys
I have a Honda 630 and a 1511 pump just looking for the best price

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So when you’re done with the job and everything looks amazing , you say : Mrs smith I’m all done and I double checked everything and it looks amazing , where you going to need an invoice for the work done ?
Or if you already have a preprinted invoice , say I’m
All done and here’s is your invoice , did you want to pay with a personal check or Credit card ?
It also helps if you write the invoice in front of them Incase they added more work and always stick to your original price you quoted .


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