How profitable is stucco home & Spanisch/Barrel tile roof cleaning?


I am in North/East TX, stucco homes & Spanish/Red Tile/ Mediterranean tile homes where non existant 15-20 years ago but lately they have been trendy & there are a good amount around me. I know of 3 pretty large subdivisions really close to me. Keep in mind that lost of these homes are 3,000- 5000 square fooot with pretty steep roofs.

Basically I see a huge opportunity because I see lots of million dollar homes with mold & mildew. The climate in this area is more humid then Arizon, California, New Mexico & Florida where these style of homes are more popular & there is also way more trees.

From researching I have learned that there is a debate as to how to clean red tile properly but I think the proper metod is to do a soft wash. Also since the tiles are delicate it is best if you can do this without setting foot on the tiles.

Specially in this case since the roofs are steep.

In order to do the job I would need to invest in a bucket truck. I could of course rent one or a scissors lift but I have researched and found used bucket trucks from 12 to 15k.

Nobody in my area specializes in these types of homes & I think this would be a grat opportunity to establish myself.

The thing is I don’t know how to price them & also, I might be missing or overlooking something so I am hoping you guys can help me.


I would start out with x jetting the stucco, you would use a lot more chems to clean stucco so I price them higher and kinda hope the client goes with a different company… lol but hey, if they choose my price, well I’m in for a profitable house wash. Just gotta go out there and take some risk. Price one and see if you think it was profitable.


So you would not want to do it?

What I am trying to figure out is what is a average price for this type of work? Nobody in my area really does stucco or red tile/barrell roofs.

I see the potential but want to estimate to see if it wouks be worth buying a bucket truck.


I just add 25% to my normal prices for a stucco home. To compensate for the extra chemicals and time. Unless they got one of the mailers, then I have to do it for the same price. But either way you should still have plenty of room for profit. From reading this forum, everyone that asks questions about average prices never get a straight answer because there isn’t one. Prices vary to much from place to place and person to person. Take my advice with a grain of salt, only been doing this 4 my months but it works for me.


Yeah I am noticing that. I am new to this as well & Spanish tile & stucco is completely new to me.

Anybody in the DFW area or other parts of TX that do red tile roof work that could give me a ballpark?




The problem with bucket trucks is, from talking to friends that have had, is that in a lot of cases you can’t get around the house with them due to either terrain, landscaping, pools, fences, etc. Nearly all of us who do a lot of roofs have looked at, but nearly everyone that has tried one sold it because 90% of the time could only use it on one or 2 sides at best.

Just buy you a few ladders and get you a good pump. Take some ladder safety classes or find a local fireman to teach you or maybe even work with you a few houses till you learn.

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Do you need to rinse after cleaning a tile roof?


We do not in most cases, just depends. If there are gutters then we never rinse.

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