How often is a House Washing recommended?

Had a customer how often they should be looking at getting their house washed. They have vinyl siding. Isn’t it something every 2 or 3 years?

I recommend every 3 years fo a house washing.

I guess it depends on where you are. Down here two years is pushing it.
I tell them that if they wait until it’s obviously dirty that damage is already being done.
“Maintenance is cheaper than restoration and much cheaper than repair.”

True story. My best clients do windows twice a year (out once and in and out once) with a house wash one of those times.

12-18 months is the norm here that I recommend. But I have clients that are going on 3 years now and their house is still looking good. A lot of it depends on landscaping and building materials.

I would agree with Micah. Some of my lake homes need it done every year and I have several customers that want it on a yearly basis, but other than that, it depends on the environment and siding…

Every 12-24 months on average. Commercial work is the bomb. Once a month is more our speed.:smiley:

Once a week