How much will it cover

For flat work, if I am putting out SH at 6% how big of an area will a gallon cover? Or maybe I should ask, how much can you cover with a 55 gallon barrel of SH at 6%?

I most likely will have the opportunity to bid a job for flat work. I am new to this so I am trying to make sure my calculations are correct and I want to make sure I do not cut myself short when factoring in supplies (of SH for the basis of this question).

I have searched on here but I can’t seem to find anything. Maybe I overlooked it.

If you spend ten minutes experimenting you’ll have the exact figure you need to bid.

True, but SH is too expensive to experiment with and waste. I was hoping someone knew the answer and could help.

Also, if I land this job I will drive and pick up a trailer with gas pumps. I currently do not have a gas pump so I’m not sure if and/or to experiment with a 12v and then have it translate to using a gas pump (if the method of application makes any difference, I really don’t know)

So, serious question, with my 12v pump - would I put water into my tank and then just spray water for 10 minutes and then measure that area covered? Then go back to the tank and see how much water was sprayed out and based on the gallons of water sprayed on the ground in 10 minutes I would then calculate how many gallons would be 6% SH?

I know that sounds confusing but somehow makes sense in my head. I hope my question isn’t too confusing

I can think of very few things in life that you’ll need 6% on.


Or you could spray 2 gallons and see how far that went. If you wanted 6% then that would equal 1 gal of bleach out of the 2 gal sprayed. So you’d have your answer.

Don’t use bleach, use water to experiment


I do agree. This place is absolutely filthy. I have no doubt it would take 6% to clean it. My other thought is that if I sorta factor in for 6% then IF I do use a lower percentage then I didn’t sell myself short on chemical.

Got a pic, want to see that.

Please just bare with my ignorance. If I were going to test with 2 gallons could I use just a regular hand pump sprayer?

I guess I’m just wondering if different methods of application would give me different results. I would not think so but I figure I’d ask.

Not at the moment

Man at 6% you’d better be using a respirator.

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Yeah, 6% will kill everything in sight…possibly to include you…


You’ve got to be trolling us.
If it were me, I’d test with what I was going to actually do the job with in as close to actual conditions as possible. You’re going get completely different results with a pump sprayer.

Of course different means of applications are going to give you different results.

There are at least 10 variables that are going to affect your rate. What size pump, what applicator nozzle, what length and size of hose, how strong is your battery, how dry is surface at time of application, is it windy, or sunny, or raining, how warm is surface temp, how dirty is it after you so called cleaned it, is it flat or hilly, etc. All of these are going to affect your results, sometimes by a good bit.

You come on here asking for help, saying you are new, and several people tell you what to do to get an approx idea, and you make snide comments. You don’t have any pics yet say it’s extremely dirty, yet you have no experience. What seems dirty to you may be nothing to us. Any job I’ve ever bid that was anything out of the ordinary I take pics, to help me when doing quote and to have befores. I’m way too busy, as most the veterans on here are, to waste time answering hypothetical questions and then getting smart assed comments.


This may be @Steve512 alternate account lol


lol got ‘em!!

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: lol. Not me.

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Of course you would say that to keep the suspicion off huh ?! :rofl::rofl::rofl: jk bro lmfao

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Nope. Not trolling. What kills me is that new people starting out are being told they should research and know what they’re doing. However, when new people try to learn and research stuff they are accused of trolling. So I’m not sure which us new guys are supposed to do to be honest. And no, I’m not mad at your post. Just wondering why I’m being accused of trolling.

Also, when I ask a genuine question I am told that I should already know that stuff. I ask because I do not know and was hoping someone could just help me out.

But to give you an idea of what I currently use - it’s a 12v Remco 100 psi 7pm pump with a 5/8’ 150’ hose with a Sutner S10 (something like that) nozzle with a appropriately sized Jrod.

Now I can’t do the test to see how much area 6% SH will cover because what I currently have vs what I will be swapping to are two different things. I plan to swap to a AR45 gas pump. If a pump sprayer will give you a different reading than a 12v then there is NO WAY for ME to test how much area will be covered with a gas pump since I do not have one and don’t have access to one. Again, that’s why I was hoping someone with experience and knowledge in that field could help me out.

With a hand pump sprayer, I was able to cover 560 sq ft at 6%

Also, I am aware there are different variables that go into play. I was just hoping someone could give an ESTIMATION for how much of an area it would cover.

But since there are so many variables that go into play the simple answer you could give is “I don’t know”.

not making any snide comments at all either. You claim to be “way too busy” to answer questions yet here you are scrolling through the forum replying to my comment. So, no you’re not as busy as you portray.

Also just because I don’t have pictures doesn’t mean what I say isn’t accurate.