How much for this?

I have 1.2 gpm, 17,000 psi machine and want to know how much to charge for this job I’m bidding.

i know if he sneezes that’s it…

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You really want that contract so you can do the other faces. I’d say go low and offer $100 per head.

What if he has boogers? Might cost more…

I know this is a joke but is that a real pic? That would be one he’ll of an awesome job.

Karcher did it about 15 years ago as a goodwill/free advertisement thing. They have cleaned a lot of monuments around the world.

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Did this a few years back. World’s biggest sun dial at team disney. It got p.w and painted.

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Thanks but I was the Foreman on that job for a big waterproofing company. That was a year long job along with the rest of the building. With OSHA and Disney inspectors and my boss to deal with daily it was stressful. I have my own company now and the scope of my work isn’t near that size. But im not stressed out and make more $$$$.

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Way to go. That’s what owning your own business is all about.