How much? and whats faster?

How much SH and surf do you use on metal roofs and painted wood???

Also whats the most efficient way to clean a metal roof?? down streaming or roof pump?

Metal roofs and painted wood in our experiences you don’t need as high a ratio of SH compared to Asphalt roof shingle cleaning for example. So a roof pump is not needed. Some guys swear by downstreaming but in my experiences X-Jets work better so in cleaning your two above items we would at most make our typical house wash just a hair bit stronger at most to clean them.

Another example dealing with Metal is a friend of mine does water tower cleaning. He uses his x-jets and puts up a stronger house wash solution to make the big bucks. Food for thought.

Yea that reminds me I talked to a guy last night and he was telling me I need to get into fleet washing because he has been making very good money with that.

what amount of SH/FWorSC/H20 do you use for your HWing mix if you don’t mind me asking

I’m the wrong guy to ask for this because we rinse at a high volume. Our house mix is around 10parts water to 1 part chlorine plus soap such as Fresh wash.

We have had metal roof with pollen STUCK on. Had to brush it with a soft bristle brush after applying a 20% bleach mix and fresh wash via our roof pump. I mean our mix did not budge this stuff. Anyone deal with this? I am very leery to take on any more metal roofs.And I am heading out the door now to look at one.

Brian, probably you had gotten into the oxidation layer of the roof. I pretty much won’t take on any metal roofs anymore. If they won’t clean right up with a douse of housewash mix, walk away. Once someone gets into the oxidation layer of the paint, you will have to wand clean with pressure the whole roof and I mean like you would wand clean concrete without a surface cleaner. You just have to know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em.

Ain’t gonna start a debate again but here is our video.

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Brian, was there a lot of pine trees around the house? If so, it was probably pine sap that the pollen was sticking too. That’s a big problem here in SC.

Yea Micah it’s pine tree heaven down here. Any suggestions for removal? I have a client waiting on a price.


So what do you do man?

Never saw that Video before Laurie. It’s excellent! Thanks for sharing and nice job.

Thanks… Not all out videos are available but if you subscribe you can see others…

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I’ve tried using a higher concentration of house wash mix ratio applied with 12v pump. With the pollen and algae here, that wasn’t effective enough to just “wet and rinse”. I’ve found that applying SH with surf loosens it up well and follow with my BE whirl-away - 22", on wheels, coasts over the grooves on the roof.

Do you use your whirlaway from the ground or roof. Ive never used a surface cleaner a roof but it sounds much easier.