How messed up am I?

Went out to do some dumpsters. Finished my first property and drove 45 minutes to the next one. Temperature dropped to 30. Try starting my rig and nothing is coming out. See a small spray of water coming from the pump. My rig froze during the drive. I didn’t rewinterize it before packing up thinking it would be ok for a short drive.

How ■■■■■■ is my rig? I can’t even run any antifreeze through the system because it won’t suck up anything from the intake. Freaking out at hiw much damage this is going to cause.

Is my heater coil going to break from the water freezing in it? Is my pump gone? I feel so gd stupid right now because I just got the fing thing and now it’s wrecked from gd ice.

Back it in the garage or somewhere and let it that. My pumps freeze all the time driving in the winter. Propane torch and good to go

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Can’t fit it into my garage. Alleyway is too narrow to maneuver it. Have to wait until it warms above freezing (10am). So you’ve had your heating coil and pump, both full of water, freeze on you and not have any major issues after? I ran the pump for a minute, maybe two trying to get water to flow not realizing water was frozen in it and blocking flow. I saw some small spray come out of the plug on the side of the pump so I shut down the unit.

If this was leaking, what damage was done?

This line is frozen. Was frozen and i didnt realize when trying to run the pump: nothing was being drawn from the tank.

Your bypass line is way to small. If you only ran it a minute or so you’re probably fine. Just tighten the brass plug when it thaws out. If you have to wash in this weather, start your machine while it’s winterized and leave it running while you drive to the job site and leaving it running until you get back to winterize.


Let it thaw and from now on make sure you winterize when it’s below 30°. Even if it’s just a short drive. That area where you were leaking is probably just a smidge loose. Warm it up somehow and then put a wrench on that plug and just give it a tighten. I usually have one of those loose every spring when I fire the machine up for the first time in a while.

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I think you guys suggested some sort of wave or crush washer replacement, mine did the same thing last year until I got a new one.

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Leaking out of both side plugs. Gonna try snd retighten.

Tightened the plugs and it seems to have stopped the leaks. Hopefully won’t have any issues after this.

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Oh there will be issues… leaky O rings, exploding hoses, crappy water supply, leaking SH tank… if it can break / rust / crap out, it’s going to… and very likely with the most inconvenient timing possible. I almost got devoured by a customer’s bull dog that broke out of the house. I stopped behind a moving truck that was sitting on a backroad, then it started backing up. I had to back a 7 foot trailer 50 yards at 10 mph so I didn’t get backed into. Just slightly off balance would’ve only taken half a second for a total jackknife. Fun times.

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Why did you back up?

So I didn’t get backed over. He either couldn’t see me in the rear view or didn’t look.

Well I just pressure tested it. The PSI dropped from 4000-4200 to just 3500. I tried adjusting the unloader but it’s already turned as tight as it can go. When my finger is off the trigger the psi spikes over 5000 when before it would sit at 5000. No idea what is going on here

Looks like it broke the gauge too

Try relieving the pressure from the capped vent on the back of the gauge and it should reset to zero

Vent might be on the top of that gauge.

It’s got to be there as that’s where they fill the glycerin


Those are so fun to reinstall lol

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Idk. All the gauges I’ve used have had a little nipple on that plug that you snip off to vent it. This one I have on the bench doesn’t have that nipple just the plug. But they’ve all been on the top of the gauge for me

So much fun I almost can’t stand it

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I would wrap it in a shop towel and squeeze it in a vise so I could use two hands and a mini screwdriver