How I spend my off days

Got done bbqing and forgot all about making that sauce! Oh well lol. A day on the grill is a good day.


Very nice. I had ribs at my cabin last night


Those ribs look delicious! My buddy and I use to enter bbq tournaments every now and then. Our daughter became hooked on ribs at a young age because of all of the practicing we would do. You can’t beat a good rack of ribs.

Cabin looks great. I love the “redneck ceiling fan” and how you did the stairs for the lofts. Very nice.


If I do move to Tennessee, I’m totally building a “man cabin” lol.

I smoked a 14.5lb prime rib two weeks ago :drooling_face::drooling_face:


Nice looking food. Here is a link to mine find my brothers cabin

Nice man! How long did you smoke it for?


That looks delicious.

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Seared it in the oven for 30 minutes at 450 then smoked for around 6 hours. Turned out amazing! I can find the recipe of you like! Very similar to Texas Roadhouse.

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Here is the website to the recipe I used. I had to make a ton of the au juice though since it was for a big party. I think 3 bottles of liquid smoke total. And where it says turn temp to 250 and cook is where it went to the smoker at 230 degrees.

Im glad you shared that page… we will be signing on dotted line by end of June on a small piece of land. It will be for hunting, but just 50 acres, but still excited… one of best areas in state for deer. Timber will be mature enough to harvest if we want in 8-10 yr and already has about an acre field with apple, persimmon, and blueberrys and a few small food plots that wont take much to get cleared.

Will certainly be checking out that page, and we have already priced out the same style shed/cabins… even though it might take a year or two for it get there.


Am I invited to hunt? :joy::joy::rofl::rofl: I’ll bring the smoker!

Yes without a doubt… sorry for hi-jacking thread, i got excited when he posted that page.

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My brother owns supresse staps and uses the outrage for marketing. In return wr have recieved free solar panels, wood stove, 2 spy point cameras, kodiak battery/inverter and a few other things. About 6k in freebies in return for advertising. My kid brother gets the stuff and i do the work lol. I’ll be glad to help you. Search a facebook page called sheds to cabins


Thats awesome… free stuff cant be beat.

I will check out that page and appreciate it… i certainly will reach out when that time comes… luckily we arent far from existing power. Im hoping its not to expesnive to get them to put in a power pole… the shed will be a go though. There is a spot that wont take mych clearing at front entrance and wont take away from huntable areas much.

Remember, it’s a shed, not a living space or you will have to have a certificate of occupancy and electrical inspection, at least in NC. We didn’t ruin power because we are 4300 ft from road and it’s $10 per linear ft from closet pole plus a 30 foot easment of no trees from the pole to the cabin. Solar and a ryobi generstor (for the a/c).

Plan is to only have power pole with available outlet, guessing just a tad over 300 ft… only AC and Lights mainly. If it doesnt work out then we will go generator route, no biggie. Either way we will not sweat, but will certainly do the homework.

No sweating is essential.

In Jersey you have to sign over first born and pay for 46 different permits to live off the grid.

In Jersey I got in trouble for trying to pump my own gas. And no left turns. No one should live there.

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