How far will you travel?

I got a request for an estimate today from 85 miles away. Obviously, I’m nervous about spending half a day traveling to give an estimate and not getting the job. But making $700+ for a few hours of worth also might be worth the chance.

Or, is it? How far do you travel and how would you make this call?

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that’s pretty far for a non guaranteed job, plus you would have to go out again to do the job once they say yes. could you check via google?
but hey if you have the time, why not, yolo.

I personally would only go half that far, about 45 mins drive time. ive done it once for a free quote (three restaurants), and while i was there i did more sales, (never got that one job tho, lol)

some guys here will go out of state for work, but thats for BIG jobs

Google earth

If I didn’t have anything on the calendar I might make the trip. If the calendars tight 30 minutes from downtown KC in any direction max.

I’ve made PW friends just outside of those lines that I’ll throw them the work and hope they return the favor some time. If not, I gave up one job that I wouldn’t be pumped about driving 4 hours in total any how.

A few hours of work and 4 hours of driving still equals less than $100/hour.

Turns out the person is a distant relative of my in-laws, they referred her to me. Through a series of phone calls, photos, and Google, I gave her an estimate that I am comfortable with. It’s a clean/stain on 4,000 square feet of fence at 1.5x my normal rate plus mileage. If they take it, I’ll make enough to buy a trailer. If they don’t, I’ll get to keep pounding pavement locally for jobs closer to home.

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