How does your website rank?

There’s plenty of places you can check your website rankings. For around 10 yrs I’ve been going to to check my site and many others to see how theirs is doing. Last yr My site got as high as 12,000,000. At the NOLA event Charlie Caldwell did a free examination of my site that he offered to all who went to the NOLA event. His email back to me was my site had a google rating of 3 which apparently was pretty good. So because of all of that and the year we had I was good.

Big mistake. Yes our year was good but sometimes resting on your laurels is not good. I haven’t had my web guy do anything for my site. I didn’t spend anything on my website, I didn’t spend anything on any marketing except of course postcard mailings we do and finishing out my contract commitment to the Yellow Pages for my yearly ads(yellow pages is pretty much dead).

Time for me to get cracking as soon as we finish another parking garage next week. Resting on my laurels is not good.

How does your site rank on a place like ?

For my area I rank # 1 on google organically for pressure washing “minneapolis” and "st Paul " and “saint paul”. Still working with my guys on the sites, but they will be totally complete by spring. Videos are gonna be big for us this year.

Alexa has mine as 3.1 global rank

Very impressive. Your in the top 1-5% of the highest companies in the Powerwashing/window washing industry I seen. Great job!! I see your linked in with 36 places. What’s the best advice you can give since your ranked so well?

Mine is 3,225,285

3.1 million
not sure that is good sorry if I typed it wrong.

As for the places thing
i found a guy in India to do seo for $100 a month

I don’t care about global rankings, that number means nothing.

I want solid #1 rankings in my service area and/or State.

What good is global ranking when you need it local? Im top in my area and thats all that matters to me. It has to be focused in your area to do anything.

Local is the most important for your websites for sure. I would like a high ranking for commercial work in aprox 5 states. With Alexa I liked to look at the national rating because it would give me a little idea on how I may be doing outside my area which would be those 5 states.

Another thing I do is I check thru Google searches to see what page my website is on for that area.
Does anyone know a site that can rank your website state by state?

One thing you could do to rank for different states is to either build separate websites for each state, or build a page on your site for each state and SEO it appropriately.


We use RavensTools to pull accurate keyword ranking reports. They update rankings every week, which is sometimes more frequent than search engines index your site.

One of the problems with Googling for your own site is that Google tends to give you what you want. In other words, if Google sees that you visit your own site frequently, then they will place it more towards the top. Don’t get too cocky when you continually see yourself on top, it may not show up that way for everyone else.

Find a similar tool; the proper term to look for is SERP.

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

even of you do in private browsing? or incognito browising in chrome? or hidemya$$.com?

Private browsing and incognito browsing are still susceptible to cookies, cache, previously logged in sessions, search history, etc. Google uses all these and more to personalize your results. You’d have to be sure to clear all of these items BEFORE opening a private session to get closer to accurate.

Third party applications are going to be the most accurate, since they have no stored history.

Anya Curry
Ambidextrous Services

I’ve been working on SEO for my Seattle Pressure Washing site for a couple weeks now. Tonight, I typed the keyword “mobile fleet washing” into google, and was elated to see I’m in the #3 spot for my site, and the #4 spot for a blog post from our google+ account!

My site’s alexa is increasing daily…:frowning:

So another words if you clear all your cookies on your PC only then will you get a more accurate rating as to how well your website reall ranks when doing a search?

I have to do all kind of SEO tasks but do quality work not spam. Spam will hit the websites.

Just got to #3 on Google for a variety of keywords. Steadily moving up!

I have one site that ranks. # 1 & another at #5. Yeah buddy

John Devine.

Funny you just post this John. I was checking out some websites in NY yesterday and yours happened to be one of them. I was checking out Cullens Global Pressure Washing Network and running searches on the sites in there. Yours does well in NY state. I didn’t like that his site doesn’t post your website link but was very impressed on your rankings.

If you don’t mind answering this how much did it cost you to advertise thru him and what’s the monthly cost and did you figure out yet your ROI from his site this year so far and is it worth it?