How does this plan sound

Just a quick check to get some feedback on my process. I’ve got a job to clean an amphitheater at a school. It’s not huge but it’s pretty dirty. The construction is natural stone blocks.

  1. Hit a small section with regular HW mix. Let it dwell 5 minutes.
  2. Hit it again with regular HW mix dwell for 10.
  3. Hit it a final time with the same let it dwell for 15 then rinse. Keep it wet between each application.

I think I will know if this is going to be effective at the second application. Assuming it’s not move to a 3% SH solution at the same dwell times. Increase strength as needed.

Hopefully I can be active applying pre wash or on the surface cleaner while I wait this out.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

I’d probably throw 3-4% on it then turbo nozzle

I’d turbo nozzle it, rinse, ds some bleach on it and leave. There is an expert stone washer on here somewhere :slight_smile:


Just light er up and get it done.



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Id give it more than 5 minute dwell time

My cake recipe has less steps. Hit it with a turbo nozzle and carry on with your day.


That’s a whole lotta turbo.:flushed:

Wear a face shield and snug cap if possible, that junk is gonna blast all over you.

From time to time some jobs take a bit of effort. This would be a wet one for sure lol.

The worst are the brick pavers people have lining their flowerbeds. They will leave you filthy no matter what

That’s what she said :confused:

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Your right. A longer lance helps a bit. I don’t mind them, except if it’s the first job of the day, hate a wet start to the day lol.

I’m liking the light it up approach. I’ve read some posts where that turned out well.


We do alot of limestone in my area… Simply mist the stone, don’t soak, then we apply a 50/50 mix per section, dwell time maybe 5 mins, rinse till it runs clear and reapply where needed. Always rinsing between applying mix. Don’t use a turbo nozzle with limestone, unless you want to pick up chunks of stone.

Here’s one we did last week…


Downstreaming not going to touch that. 3-4% couple of times - 10min in between, rinse off with low-med pressure

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Great work! Thanks for sharing. There’s a ton of this in my area. Looking forward to getting the hang of this.

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There’s a limestone fence at a country club, thought about bidding it. You’re saying 50/50, so 6%? Seems pretty hot.

It’s a strong solution… just be sure to rinse out all chemical before applying again

I posted this one a few months ago. Same process…