How does one get expert status here on this bb?

Was these guys asked or were they just given expert status to add into their avatar here on PWRA site?

Just Ask Thad or Chris John T.

You have to be a expert in your field.

Would it make you feel good?

It would make me feel good if I had a garage to clean because John is an expert in that arena.

Thanks Tim.

I don’t know if I would be classified an expert. I hate public speaking and I’m terrible at it as well so maybe that is included to be an expert. Would I qualify as an expert?? Don’t know. Been at this business going on 18 yrs now and in the wood restoration I had a house I did twice(Benjamin Moore accepted and paid for the second time around because of product failure due to a bad batch of stain) that was on the cover of The Cleaner Times mag. around 10 yrs ago… But there are guys here and on other bb’s that clearly are artist compared to the work I did there… So they would be an Expert IMHO… But how do you Gauge that?

We do many types of Cleanings because of the money flow and where it comes from…

Truth be told-- people who classify themselves as Experts do so because they say they are. The one thing I think that should be in there though is that they should be doing this for at least 5 yrs because to many times over the years guys with 1-3 yrs were advertising themselves as experts so they can teach. That’s were it never made true sense about the “expert” status but clearly of course it makes sense for the sales pitch of teaching courses for $$$. I’m not saying I agree with that.

This is just for discussion purposes so let me ask this- Who here thinks their an expert in this Industry and what are you an expert at?
(ah oh I see some jokes coming in here …lol - like ask my wife if I’m an expert at something…lol. Try to leave that stuff out if you can:)

John, the “Expert” badge is given to people who are completely versed and exceptional in a particular technical field and willing to help others in that area, ex. Charlie Soden for wood care or John Lee in water fed poles and pure water cleaning. These are niche areas with a lot of room for error and a fairly steep learning curve. Chris came up with the idea and he or I can turn on that setting.

Tim recommended you as a garage cleaning expert. Would you agree with that and be willing to help others with parking garage issues on PWR?

I’m not an expert but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night, can you put that on mine?

Hey Thad- those guys are good choices for expert status. Charlie seems like one of those guys that really loves and appreciates what he does and he no doubt does it well.

I appreciate the offer from u and the recommendation from Tim to be classified as a parking garage expert. I also have a video I’m about to release of Robert Hinderliters MultiTech system while we were doing a parking garage again this past weekend. Robert wants me to release it in the uncut version and it’s brutal because I’m not much of a teacher. It’s a phone video so be aware of that. I’m not getting anything to show this. If something actually works for what we need it for it’s easy to support that. I’ve been experimenting for a few yrs now on how to get better results with parking garage cleanings but I never want to be classified as an environmentalist anything.

The one thing I would consider myself an expert in is “working” as I’m sure alot of guys here as well would consider themselves experts of.

If you guys want a parking garage expert to help others with questions here I can do that but I’m no where near as verse as some are in this “Parking garage niche” because it’s very challenging and you need to educate yourself a ton on what to do. The challenging part, like work is something I take pride in.

Same here, John. I don’t claim to be an “Expert” house washer because I firmly believe that most of the guys you see posting here are, too. A lot of us can answer general questions and are good utility players who jump in wherever we can.

John you didn’t get your Expert Status Yet?

Yes, Ron. I took care of it.
I’m still waiting to see what your word and your handshake are worth. It’s been over month since Huntsville.

I am an expert in roof cleaning, house washing, deck staining, sidewalk cleaning, commercial building cleaning, exposed aggregate sealing and one day I will be an expert shopping center, gas station and parking garage cleaner. Let me catch my breath… thanks for asking.

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