How do I set customer expectations

I hear dealing with these blue houses can be a pain. Did multiple test spots so the color seems fine. This side in the picture is slightly oxidized. What do I say, differently, to a customer in this instance?

Just tell them what you can do and nothing more , Basically do not shoot yourself in the foot. Only you know what you can do. Soft wash the house make sure that you do not use high pressure. or the other option is to do a restore on the siding , which means a brush and bucket cleaning, More money and time .

When doing quote wall property with them and point out different spots or damage. Run your fingers on the vinyl or paint and if anybody the dust/paint comes off on your finger say look here. It’s oxidizing. I cant do anything about that but I can kill the organic growth and get the dirt off.

That blue should be fine, the new darker blues can be tricky. Explain that they have oxidation, what that is, and what they are likely to see after a wash. You didn’t cause it, just uncover it a bit. Be triple sure not to let your mix dry, and stay gentle with the pressure. Make sure what you leave is what you told them beforehand. Anything you tell them before they book/you wash is educating them, anything you say afterwards is making excuses in their eyes.


My go to statement is “it will be clean but it won’t be new”. I also tell them the problem with darker houses is people typically wash them less frequently than light house, when you remove the dirt you see the flaws. Last, as mentioned rub your fingers along the siding picking up the oxidation, ask if they’ve ever seen a bush like a forsythia that’s up against the siding and rubs it shiny, that’s what happens when you remove some of the oxidation. “You either want to leave oxidation alone or take it all off, that’s a whole different process, uses different products and can be very expensive”. They nod their head and say use bleach.