How Do I Pressure Wash My Customers' Home?

I’ve been cleaning windows for 2 years, started out as a carpet cleaning 8 years ago.
I’m looking for videos, and free manuals to dictate step by step on how to perform correct pressure washing.
Residential Only
No Wooden Decks, just exterior homes

Thank you in advance
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There are many more people that are wiser and and much more experienced then myself but I’ll share what I know.

First off the machine. I use a 4 gallon per minute 4000psi cold water belt driven washer. The key is belt driven cause they last longer. It’s a solid standard unit and can be used for most jobs. I would rent one a couple times though before you buy one and get used to it and try it out. Wash your home and get some expericance using it.

There are couple of ways to use a pressure washer like an x-jet, downstreaming, or just straight hard pressure which btw don’t do. Just using pressure is a time consuming ineffective and just a matter of time damaging method so just don’t.

We downstream our housewash mix onto the machine. My mix is the standard 3 gallons water 2 gallons 12% sodium hypochlorite or sh for short and 8oz of simple cherry. I also only use four tips, two for high soap and rinse and two for low soap and rinse.

This is for vinyl siding.
The rest is simple. First rinse the siding off, getting that first layer of dirt off. Then soak the plants with water. Next insert your injector into your mix. I start by applying the mix at the bottom of the house and work my way up. Let sit for about 5mins, DON’T let it dry. Then starting at the top rinse and then rinse again and you can’t go wrong rinsing again. Finally soak the plants again and that side is done.

A couple of key points. Soak the plants before and after. Wet decks before and rinse them as soon as you are done soaping. Move their stuff away from the home like lawn furniture, flags, grills things like that. Rinse very well.

Like I said before my knowledge and expericance is limited and there are very helpful people here who can provide much more help. But I started pw last year and since have cleaned 200+ homes no problems yet knock on wood and has been a great add on for me.

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Hey, thanks for the reply.
We have a truck mounted hot water extraction van, with a pressure washine tool. Will this be enough to start out?
Here a a few questions:

  • Downstream houswash mix? What is the product name?
  • You mentinon 4 tips, is this the tip of the pressure washing tool?
  • Is this product sprayed on top to bottom?

Thanks again for the help

guess I’m using too much of that simple cherry…i poured 4 gallons of house hold bleach & bout 60 ounces of the cherry. smelled very nice!

lol. whoa, i bet it did!

housewash mix can be various products. lots of people use a mix of 12.5% sodium hypochlorite and water plus a detergent like simple cherry.

tips would be the nozzle like the one that the water comes out of on your carpet wand. you’ve been in carpet cleaning for a while (i’ve been doing it for 12 years), so you probably know that the nozzle usually has a 4-5 digit number on it ie 0040. and yes its the tip of the pressure washing tool. to determine the best tips you would need to know how many gallons per minute your machine puts out.

solution is applied bottom to top. reason for this is if you apply top to bottom the solution streaks down and can leave streak marks. applying from the bottom and going up prevents this. then you rinse with water from top to bottom.

just curious as a carpet cleaner, what machine are you running?

awesome, great advice.
for carpet cleaning we use the Boxxer 421, the second “entry level” unit interlink offered. I’m not sure what the gallons per minute is, and we only go up to 1200psi.
follow up question, when cleaning 2nd story, whats the best way? and what should I be looking for as I rinse off the 12.5% SH/cherry detergent? I demo-ed my parents house, and I think I removed a bit of the paint
Thanks again for the advice

Well, to figure out gpm, you could spray into a measured 5 gallon jug for a minute. We can talk about how to wash once we know that.

When you apply sh, it should kill everything and lift the soiling off of the siding. When you rinse, with low pressure, you’re just trying to do a good job rinsing the residue and looking for spots that the sh or your detergent didn’t effectively remove the soil.